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-====== dblclickedit plugin ======+====== dblclickedit Plugin ======
 ---- plugin ---- ---- plugin ----
 description: Enter edit mode by double click description: Enter edit mode by double click
 author     : Håkan Sandell author     : Håkan Sandell
-email      :      :
 type       : Action type       : Action
-lastupdate : 2009-07-05 +lastupdate : 2012-12-30 
-compatible : 2007-06-26b, 2008-05-05,2009-02-14+compatible : 2007-06-26b, 2008-05-05, 2009-02-14, Angua, Adora Belle
 depends    :  depends    : 
-conflicts sidebar template+conflicts 
 similar    :  similar    : 
-tags       : Editing+tags       : editing, double-click, mouse 
 +bugtracker : 
 +sourcerepo :
 ---- ----
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 ===== Download and Installation ===== ===== Download and Installation =====
-Download and install the plugin using the [[plugin:plugin|Plugin Manager]] using the following URL. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.+Download and install the plugin using the [[plugin:plugin|Plugin Manager]] using the URL above. Refer to [[:Plugins]] on how to install plugins manually.
-^ **Download** | [[|]] |  
-See also: [[#Source Code]], [[#Change Log]], [[#Known Bugs and Issues]], [[#ToDo/Wish List]] 
 ===== Usage ===== ===== Usage =====
 After installation just double click on a page to enter edit mode. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser and you may have to clear the cache. After installation just double click on a page to enter edit mode. JavaScript must be enabled in your browser and you may have to clear the cache.
-==== Section Edit ==== +The plugin supports section edit and recognizes [[data]][[edittable]and other plugins with their own section editors.
-Section edit may be enabled by modifying the function [[xref>html_secedit_button()]] somewhere around row 105 in inc\html.php +
- +
-Original code: +
-  return $secedit; +
- +
-Modify to: +
-  return $matches[0].$secedit;+
 ===== Development ===== ===== Development =====
-The first release was very simple. It adds ondblclick event for section and header %%<div>%%'s and a bit of JavaScript navigates to same page with //do=edit// action (same as clicking the edit button). 
-Section edits in second release is based on the same mechanics as the section edit button. If %%<!-- SECTION ... -->%% comments are saved by modifying [[xref>html_secedit_button()]] they are found by dblclickedit plugin and the 'lines' information could be used for //do=edit?lines=...// action link.+This plugin will never become an in-line editor -- they are not easy to get bug free. If you are looking for that, try [[inlineeditor]] or [[quickedit]].
-I still want ability to edit large tables and code sections, but that I think will require change in lexer/XHTML and a lot of other placesProbable breaking compatibility with some plugins too.+The plugin is dependent on the template used. It has been tested with the most popular but if you find one that's not working feel free to file bug in the [[|bug tracker]].
-=== Source Code === 
-The source code is available at [[|GitHub]] 
-==== Development Resources ==== 
 === Change Log === === Change Log ===
-  * **2009-07-05** 
-    * Simple section edit((if you modify the DokuWiki core code)) 
-    * Work with other [[config:startpage]]s than 'start' 
-    * Work with URL [[:rewrite]] 
-  * **2009-07-01** 
-    * Initial release 
----- +{{rss> 6 date}}
-=== Known Bugs and Issues === +
- +
----- +
-=== ToDo/Wish List === +
-  * Advanced section edit, aware of tables and %%<code>%%.+
 ===== Discussion ===== ===== Discussion =====
-There is also another solution to inline editing proposed by **emanuele** called [[|inlinedit]] using [[|jEditable]]. The dblClickEdit plugin is on the other hand focused on using the standard editor (or WYSIWYG of your choice).  --- //[[|Håkan Sandell]] 2009/07/02 21:34// +I don't know much about what is easily possible in the plugin, but it would be fantastic if some javascript could pick up on the exact text clicked on, and once the edit page has been displayed, would place the cursor at that particular word. Maybe this could be done with a text search, or maybe this is WAY harder than it sounds, but to me this would be even more useful than section edit.  --- //[[|KouOuKen]] 2009/11/27 11:36// 
- +
-Nice plugin! This is really what I want, but it does not work with URL rewrite right now. Hope this issue will be fixed soon.  --- //[[|Reder]] 2009/07/04 08:27//+
-Fixed now  --- //[[|Håkan Sandell]] 2009/07/05 16:55//+Let's just say it isn't easy ;-)  --- [[user>HåkanS|HåkanS]] //2012/12/30 21:59//
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