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datapopup Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

Hrun, Ponder Stibbons

plugin Show fields from the data plugin in a popup when you hover over a link

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This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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:!: This plugin is no longer maintained.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Then, set your options in Admin → Configuration Settings. Don't forget to configure the regex, otherwise you'll get a popup on every link you hover!

Configuration and Settings

The available settings are as follows:

  • Fields to Show: Comma-separated list of data column names to look for
  • Types which should be look up: List of regular expressions that match Wiki links.

If you have, for instance, automatically generated page names, such as BUG-1, BUG-2, etc. the page title does not reflect the actual content. However, the page names follow a simple pattern you can use datapopup to resolve. In this case, the pattern would be (assume a namespace “bug:” for the bugs) “bugs:BUG-[0-9]+($|\?rev.*)”.


You can follow the development on

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