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 >  --- [[user>Klap-in|Klap-in]] //2015-06-09 19:33// >  --- [[user>Klap-in|Klap-in]] //2015-06-09 19:33//
-===== The Same book with serveral Users =====+===== The Same book with several Users =====
 Is it possible to create a book with multiple users who have the same access to it? Is it possible to create a book with multiple users who have the same access to it?
 +===== List of pages generated by data or struct plugin aggregation =====
 +The list of pages to be exported as saved selection requires an unordered list of page-ids. Everything else is ignored. This gives you the option to add wiki pages one by one, page by page, or alternatively to insert them over an entire namespace and then delete unwanted pages manually. But there is no chance to add pages automatically by other parameters.
 +Now my idea is to generate the same list of page-ids as saved selection by an aggregation table of the struct plugin. The reason is that I would then be able to filter the relevant entries by some data fields. But this doesn't function, although the list looks visually the same and the HTML content is very similar.
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