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Importing Old Blogs into BlogTNG

NOTE: I believe this information is out of date now for Weatherwax - can anyone confirm? FIXME

If you've been using the blog plugin (along with the plugins discussion, tag, linkback) you can use the blogtng import script to import your old blogs into the blogtng database.

Just download it, put it into <dokuwiki>/bin and make it executable1). For a quick overview of the script options use --help.

The script has a --dryrun option, use it to verify that the right pages are found and imported. You can import single pages as well as whole namespaces into a blogtng blog. At the moment, you to specify the user for which the blog entries should be imported for. This user needs to be a valid username in your DokuWiki install.

Important: It is recommend to perform the actual import on a separate wiki instance (also backup your old data). The script will delete all meta files used by the old plugins and remove their syntax from the imported pages!

Here are some examples of the script usage.

Import the namespace blog:foo into the blog default:

%> ./blogtngimport.php --user user --ns blogs:foo 

Import the namespace blog:foo into the blog myblog:

%> ./blogtngimport.php --user user --ns blogs:foo --blog myblog

Import the namespace blog:foo into the blog myblog explicitly setting author/mail:

%> ./blogtngimport.php --author 'Author Name' --mail '' --ns blogs:foo --blog myblog

Import a single page into the blog myblog:

%> ./blogtngimport.php --user user --page blogs:foo:page --blog myblog

Note: If you're unsure about sth. just append --dryrun and watch the output of the script.


A: There is only one import script, named blogtngimport.php and it must be run from the Command line (so either Windows cmd prompt or Linux shell) by changing folder to your DokuWiki 'bin' folder and typing php blogtngimport.php –h. NOTE: The import script is now very old.

Thanks the script throws up an error:
Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/ on line 161

monjo 2013/08/14 10:12

chmod +x blogtngimport.php
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