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AV Task Box Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Generates nicely formatted boxes for describing project tasks or user stories

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Tagged with boxes, gtd, pm, projects, task, todo, userstory

By Sherri W. (


With this plugin you can format task or user-story information into nice tables for doing project management or keeping a todolist.

Screenshot and info available here: AV Task Box

Syntax and Usage

TITLE: A test task
DESCRIPTION: Some stuff for you. You can have newlines in this part. Description must be the last item.
  • The labels for each item are not case sensitive. I just make them all caps to make them visible.
  • Each item must take up only one line, except the description can be on multiple lines.
  • The description will maintain newlines.
  • The description must be the last item in the list before the </task> tag. The other items can be in any order before the description item.
  • You can leave out any of the items(attributes), or leave them blank, and it will still look okay.
  • The entire thing is wrapped in a span with the CSS class “avtaskbox” so you can style it in your CSS.



Known Bugs

  • None.

To Do

  • Make priorities colored.
  • Support Dokuwiki syntax inside description box.
  • Use a div instead of a table?


  • 2009-11-19
    • created plugin.
  • 2013-02-25
    • Fixed image url and minor layout bugs.
    • Image fix by user monoceros84.
    • Updated this wiki page to remove comments that have been fixed.
  • 2020-02-07
    • Update for PHP v 7+
    • Add to GitHub repo.



Please submit a PR to the GitHub repo.

Comments / Discussion

Hi everyone, let me know what you think. ~Sherri

Hi, quite a simple useful plugin. I have got some ideas for improvment:

  1. Including dokuwiki syntax within description field.
  2. Maybe the task should be enclosed in HTML div, not in table. So, in case of longer description the text will be displayed in whole page.

peter 2010/05/20 17:25.

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