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 +====== AutoViewer Plugin ======
 +---- plugin ----
 +description : Display Airtight AutoViewer
 +author      : Ikuo Obataya
 +email       :
 +type        : syntax
 +lastupdate  : 2008-07-03
 +depends     : cache
 +license     : GPL 2 (
 +compatible  : 2006-11-06,2008-05-05
 +conflicts   : 
 +similar     : slideshow,chart,sviewer
 +tags        : !obsolete, !discontinued, media images slideshow flash
 +Flash is not available anymore in browsers.
 +^Details and Download|[[|]]|
 +This plugin displays a Flash application, **AutoViewer** from [[|AirTight]] (not SimpleViewer!). It displays several JPG images with some controller buttons. 
 +The AutoViewer display a slideshow by reading XML file containing URL of image source, width, height and caption for each images. Since this plugin creates a XML file automatically, all you have to do is to list up image files and namespaces in your DokuWiki with a simple syntax.
 +:!: Notice that this plugin requires a '[[cache]]' plugin to cache intermediate XML files that are stored in **aviewer** namespace.
 +**%%<aviewer (max-width) (max-height) (left/right/noalign)>%%**\\ 
 +...list of image files or namespaces separated by line-feed...\\ 
 +<aviewer 320 240 right>
 +{{computer:en:phm10_0651.jpg|Blue sky}}
 +Use %%<aviewer>%% tag to begin. Max-width and max-height are sizes of a slideshow. You can select alignment types for **left**, **right** and **noalign**. These styles are defined in a 'style.css'.
 +====Image list====
 +Images will be automatically resized to max-height or max-width for a correct dimension of each image. Syntax of image list is identical to that of DokuWiki's image file. You can choose either **image files** or **namespaces**.
 +====== History ======
 +  *2008-07-03 Updated.  Namespace support, alignment support
 +  *2008-05-14 Bug fixed. Error 'Not existing JpegMeta class'
 +====== Discussion ======
 +I have downloaded and installed the two plugins:autoviewer and cache on my DokuWiki(rc20080331) ,then downloaded autoviewer from airtight and unzipped it to the dokuwiki\lib\plugins\aviewer folder ,but the autoviewer plugin doesn't work as expected,it displayed nothing while previewed.what should I do --xueyuan
 +Can you see cached XML files in 'aviewer' media directory ?  - ikuo
 +which is the 'aviewer' media directory?DO you mean the directory dokuwiki\lib\plugins\aviewer ? I can't find cached XML files in it.
 +>>Media directory for this plugin is created at dokuwiki/data/media/aviewer. You can see cached files like images and other files by mediamanager.  --- //[[|Ikuo Obataya]] 2008/05/14 04:43//
 +IE7 might not display correctly with IE7's bug.  - ikuo\\ 
 +Is it possible to let the plugin display all images of a certain namespace? I would like to replace my current gallery-plugin based solution with this one, but I don't like the idea of having to specify every file that I upload on the server. 2008/06/28 - nv
 +>I just updated this plugin to do that. Please try and test it.
 + --- //[[|Ikuo Obataya]] 2008/07/05 04:43//
 +Thank you for your effort and sorry for my late reply. Unfortunately, autoviewer doesn't properly work on my (private) installation of DokuWiki. I get the error 'AutoViewer requires JavaScript and the Flash Player.'. It is not a browser problem as I have tested it on different systems and browsers. Do you have any idea what it might be? 2008708/05 nv
 +> Obviously, this problem has not been solved during the last 4 years :-(. It still happens today...  --- [[user>werner.flamme|Werner Flamme]] //2012/09/10 13:08//
 +Is it possible to have an autostart option, i.e., slideshow starts by browsing the page? Also, I would be great if it can support other picture formats like PNG. 2008/08/24
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