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autolink3 Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Automatic link manager

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Admin, Action

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Similar to autolink2, autolink4, structautolink

Tagged with links, manager

Download and Installation

Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

A documentation is available in autolink3-documentation.pdf.

Syntax and Usage

autolink3 is a automatic link manager, usable on DokuWiki, involving an action and an admin mode.

Consequently you have the opportunity to manage the creation, deletion and modification of your links through the autolink interface available in the admin, to execute a global link replace with an ajax process available on this interface, or perform an automatic replacement when a new page is saved.




This new version has a list of news which provides a much easier use and intuitive utilisation than previous:

  • Unordered List Item a new admin interface including:
    • a complete management of your links (addition, deletion, modification)
    • a global view of your links with the registration tab
    • provides an automatic replacement process of all of your links in one button
  • an action process witch effects an automatic replacement at each save of your page

However, some limitations can be encountered:

  • The caracters ':' and '\t' can't be include in the link name



Thanks for this new autolink plugin. I tried to install and had a lot of problems:

  • the file has no plugin root directory, so I had to install it manually in plugins/autolink
    Is that the right way?
  • I thought that the same syntax is used as in autolink2, but it does not work
  • in the admin section, there is nothing to handle autolink as describes above

Could you please give some more information how to install and how to use? Thank you very much. Joachim 08.08.2010


A documentation about the installation of autolink3 and is use is now avaible on

Arthur Lobert

Bug: changes in plugin

I installed the actual version of autolink3.

Unfortunately it also changes e.g. <nspages :glossar -exclude:_template -h1> to <nspages :[[:glossar|glossar]] -exclude:_template -h1>

Could you please fix this, otherwise it is not usable. Thank you very much! Joachim 04.11.2010

I had to uninstall this because it is linking all my code and file snippets. There are too many pages to add each autolink phrase association with manually. Which defeats the autoness at that point anyway. I suggest a column for do not link to so we can exclude pages. Or just add a setting so that it won't autolink code and file snippets which probably makes the most sense.

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