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Plain Text Authentication Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki


plugin The default authentication mechanism which uses plain text files

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This plugin uses a plain text file conf/users.auth.php to store user information and passwords. Passwords are stored using one way encryption (aka. hashing).

This is the default backend.


The Auth is used default, when no other authentication plugin is set from the admin screen.

Login as superuser, click “Admin” and choose “Configuration Settings”, go to section “Authentication settings”, setting option “authtype” to authplain activates this plugin.

Copy the configuration setting to the conf/local.protected.php file to protect the settings against changes via Config Manager.

Administration of users and its groups is done in the User manager, which is fully supported by this plugin.


The backend will be enabled with the authtype configuration option by selecting authplain.

There are more authentication related settings available.


File Format

Empty lines, and everything after a # character are ignored. Each line contains a colon separated array of 5 fields loginname:password:Real Name:e-mail:groups which are:

  • Login name — This has to be a valid pagename
  • Password — Encrypted password. The encryption method can be anything accepted by passcrypt option (DokuWiki will autodetect the used encryption)
  • Real Name — Real name of the user
  • E-Mail — Email address of user
  • Groups — Comma separated list of groups a user is member of. The group names must follow the rules of valid pagenames.

To create MD5 hash values from a string you could use the script encode/decode. Due to the much better built-in functions of DokuWiki this script is deprecated and only stored here for nostalgia.




Since conf/users.auth.php is a plain text file, it can be edited with any text editor.

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