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authorstats Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Plugin that outputs statistics about the wiki's authors

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Similar to statdisplay, stats

Tagged with authors, report, statistics, users


Plugin that outputs metrics about the wiki's authors. Simply save a page including the code <AUTHORSTATS #> (read the Syntax section) to generate a table containing the desired statistics.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

NOTE: This plugin Requires PHP 5.3+ due using namespaces

Example of Usage

Saving a page including in the code <AUTHORSTATS> and <AUTHORSTATS 16>.
This will submit two tables. One with metrics since the beginning of the wiki and one with metrics for the last 16 months.

The generated tables as expected.

Current Year Contributions Graph


Simple Description


# is optional and could be any number of months in which you want to output metrics. If it is omitted, the page will output the metrics since the beginning of the wiki.

Current Year Contributions Graph


BNF Description

[authorstats_syntax] ::= '<AUTHORSTATS>'
                       | '<AUTHORSTATS [num]>'
                       | '<AUTHORSTATS YEARGRAPH>'
[num] ::= integer


Bugs and Issues

To inform us about a bug or even send me a patch please use GitHub's Issue tracking interface.

Don't display old author and contributions

If your wiki is old, authorstats may not show all contributions. In this case, delete authorstats.json and recreate with this content :

    "authors": {
    "lastchange": 1262381936

Change 1262381936 by the timestamp of the creation of the wiki.


  • Please anybody help! How can it be made the name of an auther to be a link to his userhomepage?
  • how can i display the fullname instead of the loginname of authers? thanks
  • feature requests:

1. SORTABLE It's works correctly you need install sortablejs plugin;

<sortable  1=alpha 2=numeric  3=numeric 4=numeric 5=numeric 6=numeric 7=numeric>

2. <AUTHORSTATS YEARGRAPH #y> to display yeargraph of year #yr

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