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LDAP Auth Plugin: Univention Corporate Server

Below is an example configuration for use with the authLDAP plugin and the Univention Corporate Server.

Use the Config Manager or add it to the conf/local.protected.php to store the config protected.

 * Univention Corporate Server configuration for LDAP Auth Plugin
 * See for details and explanation
$conf['useacl']      = 1;
$conf['openregister']= 0;
$conf['superuser']   = '@Domain Admins';
$conf['authtype']    = 'authldap';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['server']      = 'ldap://';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['starttls']    = 1;
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['usertree']    = 'cn=users, dc=basedn';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['grouptree']   = 'cn=groups, dc=basedn';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['userfilter']  = '(&(uid=%{user})(objectClass=posixAccount))';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['groupfilter'] = '(&(objectClass=posixGroup)(|(gidNumber=%{gid})(uniqueMember=%{dn})))';
$conf['plugin']['authldap']['mapping']['mail'] = 'mailprimaryaddress';
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