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authgooglesheets Plugin

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This plugin enables user management in Google Sheets. Internally it replaces the user file with a Google Sheet.


A CosmoCode Plugin

:!: External requirements: Google Sheets access. See Configuration section for details.

Install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


You need to set up a service account that will be used by DokuWiki to access the Google Sheets API.

  • Select an existing project at the top or create a new one
  • Go to “Enabled APIS and services” and make sure Google Sheets API is enabled
  • Then go to “Credentials” and create a service account
    • In the “Keys” tab of your new service account create a new key of the type JSON.
    • Your browser will automatically download the key. Store it in a secure location and place a copy named authgooglesheets_credentials.json in the conf/ directory of your wiki.

Prepare the spreadsheet that will store the users.

  • Create a new document and save its ID in the plugin configuration. You will find the ID in the URL, for example
  • The first sheet will contain users. Name it DokuWikiAuth. If you prefer something else, change the name in the plugin configuration as well!
  • Create a header row with at least the required column names:
    • user
    • pass
    • name
    • mail
    • grps
    • created
    • lastlogin
  • Share the document with your service account. Otherwise DokuWiki will not be able to write data to it.

You can store any additional information about the users in the document, either as additional columns or in a new sheet. This will not affect login or user management.


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