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AuthDjango Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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  • 2018-04-22 "Greebo" yes
  • 2017-02-19 "Frusterick Manners" yes
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This plugin allows to authenticate users using a running Django installation. It uses the session of Django, thus the users need to login via Django first.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Configuration and Settings

  • Set the following fields in Dokuwiki configuration
    • authtype to authdjango
    • plugin»authdjango»protocol: Database type of Django database (currently supported: pgsql, mysql, sqlite)
    • plugin»authdjango»server: Hostname or file (sqlite) of Django database
    • plugin»authdjango»user: Database username of Django database (empty for sqlite)
    • plugin»authdjango»db: Database name of Django database (empty for sqlite)
    • plugin»authdjango»password: Database password for Django database (empty for sqlite)
  • or in conf/local.php:
$conf['authtype'] = 'authdjango';
$conf['plugin']['authdjango']['server'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authdjango']['user'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authdjango']['db'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authdjango']['password'] = '';
$conf['plugin']['authdjango']['protocol'] = 'pgsql'; // or other, see PHP PDO documentation


Change Log

  • 2018-03-29
    • Initial release, based on django
  • 2018-03-29
    • Add config defaults and config description strings
    • Some bugfixes

Known Bugs and Issues

ToDo/Wish List



Note that as of Django 3.1, your django project seems to require


in your for this Authdjango plugin to read everything correctly. While that doesn't explicitly makes sense, for now it appears to be needed.

See the release notes for Django 3.1 for more details

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