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Chained Auth Plugin

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plugin Chained auth plugin (This plugin is a rewrite of the prior chained auth module)

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This plugin delegates the authentication to the authentication plugin, which first returns true when checking username and password. After this, the authentication plugin is used for the user session. Multiple plugins can be configured, which are checked, when a user tries to log in.

Based on Chained Auth Backend.


Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.

Configuration and Settings

$conf['authtype'] = 'authchained'; #use authchained plugin
# list of authtypes, eg 'authldap:authplain'
$conf['plugin']['authchained']['authtypes'] = 'authpam:authplain';
# which of the authtypes should be checked for capabilities when no user is logged on.
$conf['plugin']['authchained']['usermanager_authtype'] = 'authplain';

Change Log

  • 2014-01-07Christian Marg 2014/01/07 10:33
    • Changed Dowload URL to my fork of the original git repository
    • Behaves more like previous ggauth chained class: Usermanager works eg. for authplain even when logged in via authldap. The “usermanager_authtype” setting is now used.
  • 2013-05-30
    • Settings moved into configuration manager! Please note the changed configuration options
  • 2013-05-29
    • Check for boolean value when retrieving userdata from authbackend. This avoids warnings in PHP log.
    • Initial release
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