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annotate Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Creates annotation boxes that function like toolipts. The boxes, initially hidden, open in place, on mouseover, immediately beneath the text being annotated and close out-of-sight on the click of a button.

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Install the plugin using the Extension Manager or the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


This plugin creates scrollable information boxes that open when the mouse cursor moves over the text that requires explanation, which is marked like a DokuWiki tooltip, with double dotted underlining, as in “HTML”. The box stays open until the close button is clicked or until the user double clicks inside the box itself, or until another box is opened.

The text for the annotation can be entered directly into the current page or imported from a DokuWiki page. The syntax for these techniques is described below.


The basic syntax


num is a unique two digit number that identifies this annotation pair. The text is what is explained by annotation. In the browser this text will be identified by a double dotted underline. Please note that the mark-up for the text and the markup for the annotation are side-by-side:


For the full syntax,temporarily use the file that comes with the distributon:

Complete Syntax

1. <anno:10>text</anno><@anno:10>wiki text</@anno>
2. <anno:15>text</anno><@anno:15>{{ns:page}}</@anno>
3. <anno:20>text</anno><@anno:20><top>ns:page</top>wiki text<bottom>ns:page</bottom></@anno>
4. <anno:25>text</anno><@anno:25>wiki text<bottom>ns:pace:page</bottom></@anno>
5. <anno:30>text</anno><@anno:35><top>ns:page</top>wiki text</@anno>

  • text: text to be annotated
  • wiki text: the annotation entered directly into the current page
  • ns:page: namespace:page to be loaded into the annotation from a file in the wiki


Change Log


Bugs and Issues

Use the DokuWiki forum or annotate's issues on github (see the Report Bugs link above).

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