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-====== Akismet Plugin ====== 
----- plugin ---- 
-description: Use Akismet to check for spam 
-author     : Andreas Gohr 
-email      : 
-type       : action 
-lastupdate : 2006-11-09 
-compatible :  
-depends    :  
-similar    :  
-tags       : spam 
-This plugin uses the WordPress [[|Akismet]] webservice to protect the Wiki against spam. 
-:!: After running this plugin for a while in the dryrun mode it proved to be pretty useless because of too many false positives. It is not recommended to use this plugin.  --- //[[|Andreas Gohr]] 2006-11-09 21:17// 
-===== Download ===== 
-  * {{plugin:akismet-plugin-2006-11-09.tgz}} - bug fixed, should work now 
-  * {{plugin:akismet-plugin-2006-10-20.tgz}} - does not work because of a bug 
-===== Configuration ===== 
-You need an API key, which you can get for free when [[|signing up]] at Enter the key in the Config Manager or set it manually in your local.conf: 
-  $conf['plugin']['akismet']['apikey'] = 'xxxxxxxxxxxxx'; 
-To get notified when an edit is blocked fill your email address into the ''notify'' option. 
-  $conf['plugin']['akismet']['notify'] = ''; 
-To enable the real blocking set ''dryrun'' to off. Otherwise you will only be notified but the edit will not be blocked. 
-  $conf['plugin']['akismet']['dryrun'] = 0; 
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