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AcMenu Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin An accordion menu for namespaces and relative pages

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AcMenu provides an accordion menu which lists the content of namespaces in a tree-like format. The tree is built starting from the namespace where the AcMenu's syntax lives till the very end namespace.

This plugin respects the ACL rules and, moreover, the sneaky_index and hidepages options that come with your DokuWiki configuration.


Search and install ​the plugin using the Extension ​Manager. Refer to Plugin Installation Instructions on how to install plugins manually.


In the sidebar page, use the syntax:



Just some screenshots to give you an overall idea of the final result.

Suppose you want to create a sub-wiki in your main one, independent from it, as follows:

|  +--start.txt
|  +--product_a.txt
|  +--start.txt
|  +--service_a.txt
   |  +--start.txt
   |  +--confidential.txt
   |  +--start.txt
   |  +--product_b.txt

Than you can populate each sidebar.txt in the following manner:

  • in :sidebar.txt
  • in :branch:sidebar.txt
    [[..:start| Go Back]]

    where the Go Back link is made according to the namespaces criterion.

When a visitor is in :start.txt, the plugin shows the complete namespace tree collapsed except the namespace in which the sidebar.txt, with AcMenu's syntax, is. Only if the visitor's browser has JavaScript disabled all namespaces will reveal their content so that it will be possible to continue the navigation.

If the visitor decides to open the sub-wiki :branch, the AcMenu plugin shows only its sidebar.

To deny the access to certain namespaces or pages, the appropriate rule in the ACL management must be set. In addition, it's possible to conceal those namespaces for which the visitor has no permission setting up the sneaky_index option in your Configuration Manager.

Furthermore it's possible to hide all sidebar.txt pages using the hidepages option in your Configuration Manager:


The following image is the behaviour of the AcMenu plugin from the perspective of a user registered.

Since this plugin uses cookies to remember the pages visited (they are automatically deleted as soon as the window browser is closed) if the visitor comes back to :start.txt every namespaces untoggled will remain so.

The order in which the directory tree is presented is the following:

  • first, folders from 0-9A-Za-z
  • then, files from 0-9A-Za-z

This means that, if the option useheading is enabled, it's possible to force the order of files using a progressive numeration in the first heading of each file.

Note also that the startpage is intentionally always kept on top of its menu and it's never renamed with its first heading, in order to provide a visual reference for the navigation.


Symptom: AcMenu doesn't show/hide namespace's content.

Possible solution: be sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser, otherwise all namespaces remain open showing their content.

Symptom: AcMenu doesn't keep untoggled any namepsace after have opened any link.

Possible solution: be sure that cookies are enabled in your browser, otherwise AcMenu forgets the namespaces untoggled whenever a page is loaded.


Known Bugs and Issues

Please, use the relative bug tracker or write here and then I will move there.
Torpedo 2017-03-09 16:32

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