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BBCode Plugin

Compatible with DokuWiki

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plugin Makes the use of BBcode syntax possible.

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Search and install the plugin using the Extension Manager. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


This plugin provides support for BBCode syntax within DokuWiki. BBCode is popular among discussion forums like phpBB or vBulletin. The BBCode plugin supports almost all of the phpBB implementation of BBCode.

Of course, DokuWiki's syntax is much more powerful and is more intuitive to read and write, but nevertheless, you might want to switch content from a forum to your wiki or make it easy for users coming from forums to start contributing.


Basic Formatting:

[b]bold text[/b]
[i]italic text[/i]

Code and Quoting:

[code]<?php echo $text;[/code]
[quote="Esther"]DokuWiki is great![/quote]

Links and Images:

[url=]Esthers Kaffeehaus Blog[/url]

The [url] parameter can be optionally quoted.


[list][*]item 1[*]item 2[*]item 3[/list]
[list=1][*]item 1[*]item 2[*]item 3[/list]  attribute: 1, a, A, i or I

Text size:

[size=90%]smaller text[/size]

Attribute can be:

The single-digit option such as size=1 , which map from “xx-small” to “xx-large”, is offered for compatibility with eg.: vBulletin-based forums.

For a more technical rundown check CSS font-size property (Mozilla Developer Network).

Text color:

[color=red]colored text[/color]

Attribute can be:

  • A CSS base color name, such as color=red
  • An extended CSS color name (“SVG” or “X11” color names)
  • A CSS color tuple such as color=#fff or color=#ffffff
  • A CSS color formula such as color=rgb(255,255,255)
  • Can go quoted or unquoted.
  • The spellings color and colour are allowed.

For a more technical rundown check CSS color (Mozilla Documentation Network) and X11_color_names.

To learn more about the supported text size and color formats, you can check the Demo page for the BBCode Testing Branch (courtesy of Luis Machuca Bezzaza).

Known Issues

  • Images within a link aren't supported. Use DokuWiki's syntax [[http://www.some.url|{{http://www.some.url/logo.png}}]].
  • Only some of the supported formats map to the ODT Plugin, namely the basic format ones, [url]/[email], [quote] and color (partially). All of the others may render without extra formatting when exporting to an ODT document.

New Management

I'd like to announce my intentions of maintaining this plugin starting Jan 2011, after Chi's (let's hops temporary) exit of the DokuWiki development world. As a starting point a new demo page as well as screenshots and localization strings will be developed in for the next release, which will bring few if any behavioural modifications. Later on I will work to improve compatibility with alternate renderers, in particular odt. More Info [dokuwiki] – — ryan.chappelle 2010/12/18 19:35


Update 2017-01-22: the updates described below have been long since merged into the official branch, plus now the small-caps mode which somehow eluded me (despite being right there in my testing branch for a whole year). There is also a new live demo site (check the top of this page for the link).

Update 2011-05-25: there's a new development branch for the BBCode plugin, at bbcode-testing. Changes and new developments are being tested before being pulled to upstream, as I am still quite fuzze in this Git stuff. You can visit the demo page and grab a working copy, but waiting for upstream pulls is very recommended.

Changes in the latest bbcode-testing builds include:

  • Basic color support in the ODT renderer for colornames and #colortuples.
  • A new syntax mode for smallcaps which can be invoked with [c]Some Smallcaps Text[/c].
  • Others…


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