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Acknowledge Plugin

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plugin Manage page acknowlegments by assigning users and groups

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A CosmoCode Plugin

Install the plugin using the Plugin Manager and the download URL above, which points to latest version of the plugin. Refer to Plugins on how to install plugins manually.


The plugin provides a convenient way to manage acknowledgement of certain pages, for example meeting minutes or policy agreements. It consists of three components:

  1. “Acknowledge” button is placed on pages which user is assigned to
  2. a wiki page with an overview of the user's outstanding acknowledements
  3. admin overview of all current acknowledgements


Acknowledgement Widget

Insert the widget syntax into any page to display a text, a checkbox and a button.


The syntax accepts a comma separated list of users and/or groups (prefixed with an @) who need to acknowledge this page. Once a user has acknowledged a page, the date and time of acknowledging is shown instead of the form.

The form is only displayed to the listed users (or members of the listed groups). For all others, nothing is shown at all.

As soon as the page has been modified, the assigned users must acknowledge its contents again. (Minor changes do not invalidate the acknowledgements.)

Pages to Acknowledge

Use the overview syntax to display the list of pages that the currently logged in user is required to acknowledge.


If no pages are marked to be acknowledged by the current user or all pages have already been acknowledged, a “Nothing found” text is shown instead.

Admin: Acknowledgement Report

The admin component provides users with manager permission with a simple reporting table, which lists details of the current acknowledgements:

  • page
  • user name
  • date and time

Historic data

The only way to see previous, no longer valid acknowledgements is to query the database directly.




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