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PHP build-in webserver

When installing DokuWiki as a desktop wiki on a Mac (and possible also other OS) only PHP is needed. You can use the build-in PHP webserver. See PHP build-in webserver for more information.

Your Mac comes with PHP included. As I am on OS X El Capitan my included PHP version is 5.5.38. The newest OS X High Sierra comes with PHP 7.1.

Download DokuWiki and extract the files in a directory of your choosing. In this directory (containing the doku.php and index.php file) open a terminal and type in the following:

php -S localhost:8000

This will start the PHP webserver. Going to http://localhost:8000 will show you your DokuWiki start page. Run the install.php if it is a new installation. A terminal window will stay open while you are running the server. If you do not want that read further.

On a mac you can use Automator to create an APP file. Choose to create an application and choose to run a terminal command. Use the command mentioned above. When you safe Automator askes you where to store the .app file. You can safe it in you Applications folder.

Add &>/dev/null & to the terminal command if you do not want a spinning gear icon in the iconbar at the top of your screen.

When you start it the server will be started without a terminal window. To close the webserver you need to kill it in the ActivityMonitor.


I am running a vanilla DokuWiki without any additional plugins with this install method for a couple of days now without any trouble. As mentioned on the PHP build-in webserver page this install is not usable for any production environment. But seems to me it is ok for a local desktop wiki.

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