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Old Authentication Backends - Only before 2013

The authentication backends below are for DokuWiki releases 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle” and older.

NOT SUPPORTED anymore. Only for reference. Please update or rewrite to a new Auth Plugin.

Releases 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle” and older:

  • The available old authentication backends are listed below
  • Documentation about developing the old Authentication Backends
  • See FAQ below for how-to rewrite/update to newer Auth plugins to replace the old Auth Backend

About migration to new Auth Plugins

Since the release 2013-05-10 “Weatherwax” DokuWiki uses Authentication Plugins instead of Authentication Backends. This requires action from the administrator when upgrading the wiki.

FAQ about the migration:

  • I cannot login anymore after DokuWiki upgrade, how to update from this old auth backend?
  • How do I remove the message about deprecated setting?
    code>Your authtype setting is deprecated. You must set $conf['authtype'] = "authldap" in your config (see Authentication Backends)/code> Go to your Configuration Manager and search for the authtype setting. Set this setting to the auth… backend of your need.

    (btw: $conf['authconfig'] in the message was a spelling mistake, it should be $conf['authtype'].)

Included Backends

These are the backends you get with DokuWiki (upto 2013):

  • ad – Active Directory authentication with optional Single Sign On (SSO)
  • ldap – authenticate users against a LDAP directory
  • mysql – access any MySQL database to authenticate users
  • pgsql – access any Postgres database to authenticate users
  • plain – the default mechanisms which uses plain text files

Contributed old Auth Backends

These Backends aren't part of the distribution, but might be useful:

  • Ban – More secure login with ban option (rewritten plain.auth.php)
  • CAS – authenticate with a CAS server FIXME
  • cas – another CAS authentication with ACL based on LDAP attributes
  • plaincas – another CAS authentication with ACL based on CAS attributes and a corresponding login-plugin
  • chained – chain more than one authentication method
  • cosignCoSign authentication for Single Sign On (SSO)
  • django – Authenticates against a Django user database through a Django session cookie.
  • extdjango – Same as above, but uses HTTP for DW<->Django communication
  • Eventum – How to integrate DokuWiki with Eventum Issue Tracker
  • drupal – For backend authentication integration with Drupal 7.x.
  • external – Authentication through an external program – to be used with PAM & shadow passwords
  • gforge – Authenticate against GForge session cookies
  • ggauth – experimental thoughts on auth backends including chained, split as below plus HTTP basic, htaccess and PAM
  • htaccessauth – identify users that already logged in using a Basic HTTP Authorization through .htaccess
  • imap – authenticate users against an IMAP/POP3 server
  • imap – Another (awesome) IMAP authentication backend
  • keeyaiwp – SSO with Wordpress
  • ldap_local – LDAP authentication with local (plain text) ACLs
  • lemonldap – authenticate users through a LemonLDAP SSO
  • mod_auth_tkt – mod_auth_tkt authentication
  • motp – basically like the plain backend but with added checks for Mobile-OTP tokens
  • mybb – authentication using the MyBB forum software
  • ning – Ning ID authentication
  • ntlm – NTLM (i.e. Windows NT-based) authentication
  • oauth – oauth1/2 to connect authentication with Ruby on Rails/Doorkeeper, github, Google+, Facebook, Yahoo, …
  • pam – Experimental PAM authentication
  • cafu_phpbb3 – authenticate users against a PHPBB3 forum
  • phpbb3 – authenticate users against a PHPBB3.0.x forum - another take on the matter
  • plainplus – extension to plaintext to limit bad password attempts and set expirations to passwords
  • punbb – authenticate users against the PunBB forum (uses PunBB's cookies and database for SSO)
  • radius – authenticate users against a RADIUS server
  • dokushib – Shibboleth Authentication Backend
  • split – delegate login to one auth backend and groups management to another
  • smartcard – use SmartCard for login (client certificate, developed for Estonian ID card). Supports multiple backends (plain, mysql and so on).
  • ssp – SimpleSAMLphp authentication backend
  • simplesamldokuwiki – authenticate via simpleSAMLphp (SAML 2.0, Shibboleth, …)
  • sympa auth – Authenticate using sympa over SOAP
  • xmpp – authenticate users against an XMPP/Jabber server
  • yubikey – Extension to the plaintext auth module to allow use of a YubiKey OTP as the password
  • dokudrupal – Drupal 7 authentication backend.
  • Ucenter – Discuz Ucenter Authentication backend.
  • Joomla 1.5 – Joomla 1.5 Authentication backend.
  • sfauth - Salesforce as authentication backend

How to implement a (old) auth backend is described in the HOWTO.

  • fblogin – Use Facebook as an authentication authority for your DokuWiki site
  • openid – lets register with an OpenID URL; lets already registered users add OpenID URLs to their profiles and then use OpenID to login.
  • virtualgroup – allows to assign groups to a user independently from the authn/authz-Backend.
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