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Old Changelogs

This page contains changes on older DokuWiki releases. The complete changelog for the current Development Version is available through the git Repository Browser. A changelog of recent releases is on a different page.

Release 2014-09-29d “Hrun”

  • It's now possible to customize single strings of the localization
  • New history function to see how a wiki looked at a certain time (no user interface yet, details at date at)
  • Security fix for AD/LDAP auth plugin related problem (Details here)
  • Some caching in the database auth plugins
  • Improved CLI interface for better command line tools
  • Support for external Audio/Video sources
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Note: When you had disabled the 'compress' config setting, you would enable it again since this release.


  • Hotfix 2014-09-29a: fixes for login problems caused by certain PCRE versions and changes in the recent Chrome release
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29b: prevents XSS attack via SWF uploads
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29c: fixes privilege escalation in RPC API
  • Security Hotfix 2014-09-29d: fixes a XSS vulnerability in the user manager

Release 2014-05-05e “Ponder Stibbons”

  • Extension Manager
  • Audio & video support
  • New and more file icons (as e.g. seen on mime)
  • Show login form at denied access
  • Show a domain dropdown when multiple AD domains are configured
  • Added user page linking by adding the showuseras config option: “Full name as interwiki user link”. Configurable via the interwiki configuration
  • Added a more versatile Revision selection to the diff page of articles
  • :!: Fallback of old date format removed: early wikis need to update their dformat config setting

:!: When the layout seems broken, you may be affected by an issue in the CSS compressor. Please try disabling the 'compress' config setting.


  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05a for Issue 765.
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05b for AD/LDAP auth plugin related problem (Details here)
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05c: prevents XSS attack via SWF uploads
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05d: fixes privilege escalation in RPC API
  • Security Hotfix 2014-05-05e: fixes a XSS vulnerability in the user manager

Release 2013-12-08 “Binky”

  • improved random generator for more secure passwords
  • Added capability to import and export users in User Manager via CSV files
  • Implemented LESS compiler for CSS
  • The old 'default' template was removed :!:
  • Users can delete their own account now
  • Improvements for RTL languages/scripts, accessibility (WAI-ARIA) and farms
  • Many, many translation updates and smaller bugfixes

Release 2013-05-10a “Weatherwax”

  • Introduction of Auth Plugins :!: If you used an authentication backend, you will need to adjust your authtype configuration by prefixing it with auth. Eg mysql becomes authmysql and plain becomes authplain. A compatibility mechanism will smooth upgrade, but care should be given to update your settings and test your wiki after the upgrade.
  • This release finalizes our jQuery migration and the deprecated compatibility functions were removed. :!: this might break plugins that have not been updated for the last year
  • Various updates and fixes to the new template introduced in Adora Belle, especially to mobile mode
  • Refactored email subscriptions
  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.9.0 and jQuery-UI 1.9.2
  • Refactored tar file library
  • A security enhancement for fetch to reduce its susceptibility to DDOS attacks. :!: Plugins which use fetch to display images and construct their own urls maybe be incompatible with the change - list of affected plugins
  • removal of ~~INFO:version~~
  • The hotfix released 2013-06-16 contains the following fixes
    • Several fixes related to the new Auth-Plugins (especially LDAP, AD and MySQL)
    • Improvements to the random password generator and introduction of AUTH_PASSWORD_GENERATE
    • Better password reset tokens
    • A fix for image rescaling (Precondition failed problem)
    • A fix related to Internet Explorer's compatibility mode

Release 2012-10-13 “Adora Belle”

Usage enhancements

  • A new default dokuwiki template is distributed with this release. This new template is HTML5 compliant and comes with sidebar and mobile support. The old template is still available with this release, but will be deprecated. :!: The new template is activated by default. Special thanks to Clarence Lee for the initial design.
  • The TOC and the search results have been rewritten and improved. This impacts templates: :!: all templates need to be adjusted to work properly. See d5acc30d and 91b05b6b for details of the changes and what needs to be done in each template.
  • Several fixes and enhancements have been made to the media manager
  • RTL has been given some particular attention
  • Several fixes of the subscription mechanism have been integrated

Setup & Administration

  • Multiple LDAP servers is now available
  • Wiki farms is in the core of DokuWiki: all the farm code is grouped in a farm.php file which can be included through the preload.php to activate farming
  • ACL now support a %GROUP% wildcard. This works like the %USER% wildcard, but for groups. :!: %USER% and %GROUP% cannot be mixed on an ACL line
  • Notification mail are now sent as HTML formatted mails. :!: This feature is enabled by default.
  • Resending password has been reworked. :!: Now DokuWiki honors the autopasswd setting: passwords are resent if $conf['autopasswd'] is enabled. If $conf['autopasswd'] is disabled a token is sent allowing password reset. Theses tokens are valid only during a limited time.
  • XMLRPC settings in the config file are renamed: xmlrpc and xmlrpcuser become remote and remoteuser. :!: You *must* rename these settings in your local.php config file if you were using them.
  • Added support for local style.inis

Integration & Development

  • Several fixes when using Active Directory as backend
  • DokuWiki now uses PHPUnit as its test framework
  • Sidebar inclusion is now provided in the new default template. (The Release Candidate included a tpl_sidebar() which was removed again to avoid conflicts with many popular templates.)
  • The DOKU_TPL* constants are deprecating: :!: template authors are encouraged to integrate that change.
  • More details about changes related to programmers.

And also

  • Over 20 language updates
  • Over 60 issues were fixed

Release 2012-01-25c “Angua”

Usage enhancements

  • Version handling of media files, just like pages. Old versions are saved and change history available in “recent changes” list as well as in RSS. This and the new media manager are the result of the Google Summer of Code project of Kate Arzamastseva. :!: Be careful when upgrading, some directories need be created (see upgrade)
  • Drag & drop support in media manager to speed up adding new files (only works in Firefox and Chrome). And improved multiple file upload (only works in Firefox, Chrome and Safari). This was made possible by replacing the old flash uploader with valums Ajax Upload.
  • A powerful, AJAX-enhanced fullscreen media manager is introduced in addition to the standard pop-up manager. :!: All templates must be updated to support the new manager. :!: Template authors need to add a media manager button and CSS.

Setup & Administration

  • Better farming with cascading configuration for plugin enabling/disabling, this was developed as part of the new extension manager Google Summer of Code project of Piyush Mishra. (see farm & config)
  • Performance enhancement by using data uris. This will transfer small images together with the CSS, thus reducing the number of needed HTTP requests and avoiding the HTTP header overhead. Turn on cssdatauri for a more efficient install.

Integration & Development

  • The core code now uses the jQuery JavaScript framework offering powerful features to plugin & template developers. The old, now deprecated JavaScript API is kept for plugin compatibility. Plugin and template authors are encouraged to migrate their JavaScript code to use jQuery instead of the old API (jQuery FAQ).
  • XML-RPC has been polished fixing some auth & login issues.
  • More details about changes related to programmers.


  • 25 reported issues were fixed.
  • Various smaller bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Thank you Kate and Piyush for their GSoC work and to Google for sponsoring it!


  • XSS security issue 2561
  • XSS security issue 2487

Release 2011-05-25c “Rincewind”

  • :!: The safe method for fnencode changed; be careful when upgrading a wiki with this setting (especially on windows)
  • IPv6 support
  • Inline diff displaying
  • More password hash formats (WordPress, Django)
  • Custom prefixes for mail subjects
  • Security enhancements for cookie handling
  • Introduced a metadata index
  • Improvements for handling Asian languages
  • various smaller bug fixes and enhancements
  • :!: A bug in “Rincewind RC1” and recent development versions might have corrupted your search index.
    It is recommended to check if everything is okay by adding ?do=check to your DokuWiki URL. The index can be rebuilt by using the command line script bin/indexer.php or the Search Index Plugin.
  • Hotfix releases include
    • XSS security issue 2487
    • Another XSS security issue
    • Search/indexer problem with upper or mixed case words on some PHP versions
    • Encoding of non-ASCII mail subjects
    • To allow local links (like file://c:\docs\myfile.txt) you need to add “file” into your conf/scheme.local.conf

Release 2010-11-07a “Anteater”

  • improved quick search algorithm
  • improved email subscriptions
    • :!: Template authors need to check if they implement the correct button
  • permalinks for diff views
  • license clarification on various 3rd party libs
  • prefilled section names in summary when editing a section
  • license chooser in the installer
  • several IE7, IE8, Chrome fixes
  • Parameters can now be passed in internal links (useful for plugins)
  • some XMLRPC improvements
  • configurable filename encoding
  • support for custom section editors (plugins), for example the table editor plugin
  • centralized library loading
  • lots of bug fixes and minor improvements

Release 2009-12-25c “Lemming”

  • :!: This release needs PHP 5.1.2 or later!
  • many Editor improvements
    • automatic list indention
    • better headline system
    • link wizard :!: template authors need to provide CSS
  • compatibility fixes for IE8 and Chrome
  • PHP 5.3 compatibility fixes
  • row span support in tables
  • downloadable code blocks
  • fulltext search improvements
  • added filename search in media manager
  • new dformat function :!: plugin and template authors should replace strftime calls with this function
  • one click revert button for managers :!: template authors need to add this button
  • nicer admin screen :!: template authors need to provide CSS
  • XMLRPC improvements
  • many smaller feature enhancements
  • more plugin events
  • some performance optimizations
  • minor security enhancements
  • many, many, many bug fixes

Release 2009-02-14b

  • Flash Multiuploader
  • license selector :!: template authors need to make use of tpl_license()
  • compatibility fixes with Flash Player 10
  • internal changes to make farming easier
  • removed old upgrade plugins1) :!:
  • better support for non-default auth backends in ACL manager
  • jump to edited section after saving
  • much improved Japanese romanization
  • improved XMLRPC interface
  • improved search result display
  • many smaller feature enhancements
  • more plugin events
  • some performance optimizations
  • minor security enhancements
  • security fix for a local file inclusion issue 1700 (CVE-2009-1960)
  • many, many bug fixes

Release 2008-05-05

  • Improved RSS syndication, now supports diff views and full HTML, search results are available as RSS
  • Added AJAX to the index view
  • Show diffs between arbitrary page revisions
  • Improved search and result highlighting
  • Better plugin support for modifying DokuWiki forms :!: removes *FORM_INJECTION events
  • Separation of TOC from content for more template flexibility
  • Security measurements against CSRF attacks
  • X-Sendfile support for supporting Webservers
  • Use of UniversalWikiEditButton in default template
  • Complete rewrite of the ACL manager
  • Moved spell checker from core to plugin
  • Support for deep namespace templates
  • Popularity plugin added by default – please help us to improve DokuWiki with your data
  • Using locale aware strftime instead of date :!: Plugin authors may need to fix their plugins
  • Use fulltext index for media file usage scan for better scalability
  • Introduction of a temp folder :!: upgraders should make sure data/tmp exists and is writable
  • Many bugfixes, smaller features and performance improvements.

Release 2007-06-26

  • Revert Manager added to mass revert spam attacks
  • OpenSearch Support
  • DOMlib removed (smaller JavaScript footprint) :!:
  • Improved index method for the search :!: Upgraders make sure to have data/index directory
  • Improved page meta data support
  • Added a manager option to open certain admin functions to a given group
  • Pluggable renderers
  • TOC now can be separated from the content
  • MIME type heuristics to work around IE security flaws
  • include and include_once support for JavaScript files
  • A bucket load of smaller and bigger bugfixes and improvements
  • Some more bugfixes since RC1

Release 2006-11-06

  • automatic background draft saving
  • improved caching behavior for CSS, JavaScript and RSS, with correct IMS handling
  • various performance improvements including the changelog mechanism redesign
  • support for storing page metadata
  • improvements on the UTF-8 handling when no mb_string extension is available
  • improvements on the default management plugins
  • URL rewrite support for export formats
  • ATOM 1.0 support for syndication
  • better feed aggregation with SimplePie
  • optional gzip output compression if browsers support it
  • namespace restricted searchs added
  • completely rewritten media manager :!: template designer need to update their templates
  • namespace links
  • possibility to disable certain DokuWiki actions, when using it in a CMS-like environment
  • made password resetting a two-stage process with confirmation emails
  • webbased install wizard for first time setup
  • many many bug fixes, smaller improvements and language updates

Release 2006-03-09

  • Hotfix Release
  • Fixes various bugs (736 732 731 and others)
  • some language updates

Release 2006-03-05

  • JavaScript made unobtrusive
  • JavaScript and CSS compression, CSS variable replacements
  • New Toolbar
  • Fixes for the search indexer 563 575, commandline index updater added
  • search for word parts and other search fixes552 632 653
  • Completely reworked auth backend system :!: backend config may need to be adjusted
  • stricter XHTML compliance :!: Templates need to be adjusted
  • fixes for the HTTP library 626
  • Google sitemap generation
  • Admin plugins for managing users, configuration and plugins added
  • Pagelockrefresh through background AJAX
  • simple romanization support
  • optional hierarchical breadcrumbs added (aka. “You are here”)
  • simplified permission setting of files
  • ACL now works with user and groupnames which are not valid pagenames (for some auth backends)
  • XSS security fix for handling EXIF data in the media manager

Release 2005-09-22

  • various bugs fixed 550, 548, 529, “basedir” problem
  • GeSHi and language updates

Release 2005-09-19

  • page template support 104
  • added support for local configuration files 349
  • Image metadata support (EXIF/IPTC) and detailpage added
  • insitu footnotes
  • removed 2MB limit in fetch.php 506
  • personal wordlist for spellchecker 488
  • feed caching
  • email subscription for pagechanges
  • commandline utilities for scripting
  • a new index based search
  • URL rewriting for media files
    • :!: Users of rewrite mode 1 need to adjust their .htaccess
  • experimental Plugin Manager
  • Support for admin plugins added
  • Proxy support added
  • Optional ImageMagick support added
  • New options for image inclusion

Release 2005-07-13

Release 2005-07-01

  • Style fixes
  • TOC Translation Problem fixed 309
  • Various fixes for the getBaseURL autodetection
  • ACL: The password crypting method is configurable through passcrypt, defaults to salted MD5
  • ACL: The admin can create new users if openregister is disabled
  • ACL: Users can set their own password (autopasswd)
  • ACL: Added DELETE permission for media files :!:
  • fixed problems with footnote numbering
  • Various mysql changes, support for adding Users :!:
  • Hide IP for logged in users
  • Various ldap changes :!:
  • Fixed logout 319
  • AJAX pagename search added
  • Experimental syntax Plugin support added
  • Fix for <php> mode syntax
  • Directory layout was changed :!:
  • Experimental Spell Checker added
  • Fix for Sessionlocking 364
  • Removed short_opentag requirement
  • Fixed problem with ZendOptimizer 377 378

Release 2005-05-07

  • 2005-03-31… and ongoing
    • Integrating the new Parser
  • 2005-05-30
    • fix for uploaded media permissions
  • 2005-04-29
    • Added new PHP only userewrite option
    • ldap support for nonanonymous bind 234
    • Problems with wrong PHP_SELF fixed, basedir option added 292
  • 2005-04-23
  • 2005-04-22
  • 2005-04-17
    • back to top button fixed 229 162
  • 2005-04-16
    • alphachannel saving for PNG resizing
  • 2005-04-11
  • 2005-04-09
  • 2005-04-06
  • 2005-04-04
  • 2005-04-03
  • 2005-03-31
    • surpress warning when ini_set not allowed 228
    • new parser added (still needs lot of fixing)
    • removed cachedir from index 230
  • 2005-03-30
    • fixed error reporting 216
    • fix for ACL admin 225
    • Replaced dotfiles with underscore (thanks to Jan) 224
  • 2005-03-29
    • More RTL support 89
  • 2005-03-28
    • Right-to-left (RTL) support added 89
    • Fix for auth_aclcheck 218
  • 2005-03-26
    • Hopefully fixed a problem with pathnames in Windows 213
    • Added a patch by Jan Decaluwe to optionally use the first heading instead of the pagename in links without explicit title
  • 2005-03-21
    • Fixed two small bugs introduced in devel with authcheck and the cancel action (thanks to Eric ter Haar)
    • Another bug in devel with buggy image handling fixed (thanks to Eric ter Haar and Guy Brand)
  • 2005-03-20
    • empty namespaces are now deleted when the last page in it is removed 201
    • The filename displayed in the footer now always shows the name in UTF-8 instead URL-encoded - this is not really correct, but filenames with a lot of Unicode (e.g. Russian) get annoyingly big
  • 2005-03-18
  • 2005-03-16
  • 2005-03-09
  • 2005-03-04
    • rel=nofollow and delayed indexing 181
  • 2005-03-03
    • safemode hack added 179
  • 2005-02-28
  • 2005-02-27
    • handling of of mailheader encoding was tweaked to prefer ASCII when possible (also forceable with a define) 168
  • 2005-02-26
    • The feed now includes the favicon as image object
  • 2005-02-25
    • The Magpie RSS parser was updated
    • A problem with the polish char ł in links was fixed 164
    • Using defines for important strings 153

Release 2005-02-18

  • 2005-02-18
    • check for existing and readable/writable changes.log 136
  • 2005-02-17
    • some getBaseURL changes (maybe fixes 123)
  • 2005-02-16
    • transparency added to interwiki.png 150 (thanks to Kieron Wilkinson)
    • added a better function for removing specialchars from pagenames 152
  • 2005-02-15
    • fixed slash in pagenames 144
  • 2005-02-14
    • added visual feedback on searching
    • added connection to ldap_error in ldap (thanks to Justin Alcorn) 143
    • XHTML fix for TOC 133
    • proper ACL handling on empty search 139
  • 2005-02-09
    • fix for hex mailencoding 131
    • fix for IE pngbehavior with useslashes option 129
  • 2005-02-08
    • fix for a bug in ldap when using debug option (thanks to “trouble”) 126
    • fix for a problem in the message function (thanks to Martin Prikryl) 124
  • 2005-02-07
    • fixed a clash in the accesskeys 122
    • added a workaround for PCRE limitations in old PHP versions 119

Release 2005-02-06

  • 2005-02-05
    • removed XML declaration header for better compatibility with MSIE :-/ 114
    • the summary now turns red if missing to remind you to fill it
  • 2005-02-04
  • 2005-02-03
    • editor names for all revisions 85
  • 2005-02-01
    • removed possibly sensitive data from the debug output 108 :!:
    • Config option to force a special libGD 106
  • 2005-01-30
  • 2005-01-29
    • renamed the Taiwanese language folder to be ISO compatible
    • fix for non-cached external images 95
    • InsertTag selection patch (thanks to Jim Raynor) 48
    • workaround for PHP umask bug 97
    • groupfilter patch for ldap by Dan Allen added 93
    • LDAP debugging added #98
    • Added alignment syntax for Tables (patch by Aaron Evans) 64 and added a linebreak after tables 83
  • 2005-01-27
    • Emails are now sent in UTF-8 with quoted-printable encoding 82
  • 2005-01-26
    • a patch for a silly error in cleanID introduced yesterday (thanks to Jeff Krause)
    • correct notify page URLs 72
    • UTF-8 fix for GeSHi 80
  • 2005-01-25
    • usernames in notifymails 66
  • 2005-01-24
    • another fix for the backslash problem on Windows/Apache2 systems 74 – thanks to straider
    • some language fixes 55 74
    • the versionstring is now read from a VERSION file or darcs inventory
  • 2005-01-23
    • UTF-8 support added :!: Upgraders need to utf8update their data

Release 2005-01-16a

  • 2005-01-28
    • Security Bugfix for ACL 96 :!:

Release 2005-01-16

  • 2005-01-16
    • again a fix for htmlencode with GeSHi 52
    • added missing image file 50
    • added nicer graphics for namespaces in index
    • fixed problem with plain 53
    • spelling error fixed 54

Release 2005-01-15

  • 2005-01-15
    • possible problem with GeSHi encodings fixed (see 47)
    • added two missing pages to the release tar ball (fixes 49)

Release 2005-01-14

  • 14.01.2005
    • Proper PHPdoc comments added
    • wrapper divs for simpler styling added
    • final fix for 4
  • 13.01.2005
    • Revamp of the cookie system (fixes 13)
    • fixed a problem with magpie
  • 12.01.2005
    • doku.php now includes a version string (currently only used in META tag)
    • & is replaced by &amp; in URLs now - should fix 8
    • added useslash option for even cooler URLs when rewriting (thanks to Meilof Veeningen)
  • 11.01.2005
    • some additions to the ldap backend (thanks to Philip Brown)
    • 12 fixed
    • The do parameter can be given as X-DOKUWIKI-DO HTTP header as well (useful for wget based export scripts)
  • 09.01.2005
    • fixed bug 4 (View Source locks page)
  • 07.01.2005
    • fix for media namespace permissions by Christian
  • 06.01.2005
  • 05.01.2005
    • The feed now uses the correct character set
    • GeSHi updated to 1.0.4
    • workaround for weird basepath behaviour on Windows/Apache2/VirtualHost/Whatever
    • Fix for highlighting on multiple word searches (thanks to Martin Prikryl)
  • 27.11.2004
    • Breadcrumbs are shown without namespace - the full name is shown as title
    • Added title tags to most links
  • 24.11.2004
    • overall div added for simpler CSS changes
  • 23.11.2004
    • Links in the RSS feed now contain the revision
    • Patch by Gwenn Gueguen to set the From: address for outgoing emails added
    • CSS fix for aligned images
  • 12.11.2004
    • Fix for image resizing when the GD extension was compiled with libGD <2.0
    • Added ~~NOCACHE~~ syntax to disable caching of single pages (thanks to Premysl Fara)
    • automatically added SESSIONID now uses XHTML compliant &amp; separator

Release 2004-11-10

  • 10.11.2004
    • CSS bugfix for mixed type lists
    • configurable signature string
    • workaround for PHP bug #21531: file_exists() displays warning
    • some .htaccess changes (hopefully fixing some Apache2 problems)
    • change in ACL behaviour :!:
    • resorted locales in language files to avoid PHP/Windows bug on Win98 (thanks to J. Siekmeyer)
    • characters now are deaccented only when encoding is iso-8859-15
  • 08.11.2004
  • 07.11.2004
    • fixed JavaScript bug for mediaselection
    • fixed realpathproblem with attic (again)
    • fixed PNG problem with IE
  • 06.11.2004
    • ldap backend added
    • 1st version of UTF8 converter
  • 05.11.2004
    • fixed print.css – thanks to Randy Brown
    • added charset header to media.php – thanks to Vlad
    • style fixes for the login form
  • 04.11.2004
  • 02.11.2004

Release 2004-11-02

  • 02.11.2004
    • two bugfixes for the ACL feature
    • no need to upgrade if you don't use it

Release 2004-11-01

  • 31.10.2004
    • mixed type lists now work
    • metainfo is in it's own function now
    • CSS fixes by Anika Henke
    • current namespace shortcut by Jone Marius Vignes added
    • more feedback is given
    • new users can register online
    • fixed cursor positioning on sig button
  • 27.10.2004
    • Syntax Highlighting updated to GeSHi 1.0.2
  • 26.10.2004
    • The TOC is now tableless
    • minor fixes for media embedding
  • 24.10.2004
    • changed authentication from HTTP auth to a session/cookie based solution
    • added signature button for logged in users
    • fixed index view to display basenames only
  • 22.10.2004
    • language updates
  • 21.10.2004
    • edit summary field is hidden on readonly pages when viewing the source
    • changed namespace separator to ; for windows systems
    • some CSS fixes
    • breadcrumbs trace is disabled when breadcrumbs is set to 0 (thanks to James Cook)
    • Edit summary is prepended to the newsfeed item description
  • 20.10.2004

Release 2004-10-19

  • 19.10.2004
    • fix for leading/trailing spaces in search query (thanks to Dan for submitting this one)
    • fix for fullpath config option on Windows and when displaying an old revision (thanks to all who submitted solutions - I did it my way anyway ;-))
    • CSS fixes for Konqueror
  • 18.10.2004
    • HTML and plaintext export added (add ?do=export_html or ?do=export_raw to the URL)
    • empty search bugfix
  • 17.10.2004
    • Type of uploadable files can be restricted (extension matching)
  • 14.10.2004
    • Edit summary added
    • locking now uses the username if available
  • 13.10.2004
    • ACL check for Recent changes, feed and search (everything should be covered now?)
    • fixed bug with this interwiki shortcut
    • fixed preparser bug when highlighting on a single line was used
  • 10.10.2004
    • Mediaselectiondialog completely redone (uses ACL now)
  • 07.10.2004
    • When a page is emptied it is deleted on the file system now. The attic remains intact so it's always possible to restore the page. (thanks to JET)
  • 05.10.2004
    • The Auto-TOC links now use speaking names
    • linking to sections now is possible using the # separator as known from HTML
  • 03.10.2004
    • local characters (e.g. äüö) are now optionally supported in pagenames (See Localization)
    • login backend (reading flatfiles)
    • ACL checks (again flatfiles) not complete yet
  • 01.10.2004
    • slash is used as namespace separator on Windows systems

Release 2004-09-30

  • 30.09.2004
    • fixed style issues for mediaselection dialog
  • 28.09.2004
    • bugfix for wl() function
  • 27.09.2004
    • locking now additionally uses the X-Forwarded-For header set by some proxies
    • added debug page
    • fixes for call time reference stuff

Release 2004-09-25

  • 24.09.2004
  • 23.09.2004
    • Titlelink shows backlinks as known from other Wikis (usemod)
    • Edit button changes according to mode
    • list of documents in a given namespace can be exported (see syndication)
  • 22.09.2004
    • CSS problem with large aligned images fixed
    • table parser is less picky about trailing spaces
  • 21.09.2004
  • 20.09.2004
    • Internal code cleanup
    • Fixed a problem with caching and the RSS feed
  • 19.09.2004
    • PHP only search added
    • Section Editing links with formbuttons replaced (search engines did lock the pages)
  • 18.09.2004
    • On saving a blank line is added to a section when needed.
    • CSS are now included with full path
    • Two minor URL matching bugs were fixed
    • Links are now created relative to the serverroot by default (thanks to Kai)
    • Experimental RSS Aggregation added
  • 16.09.2004
    • JavaScript warning when leaving the edit page without saving
  • 14.09.2004
    • Added correct paragraph markup
    • Search queries are now highlighted in the found page (DokuWiki search and Google search)

Release 2004-09-12

  • 12.09.2004
    • All buttons are now <input> buttons for two reasons:
      1. Searchengine bots shouldn't follow Forms so no locking by them
      2. all buttons finally look the same
    • fixed a really nasty bug introduced yesterday which killed + chars in section editing
  • 11.09.2004
    • fixed problem with underscores_in_italics
    • fixed problem with namespaces starting with the same word on index
    • IE media select fixed (thanks to jet)
    • IE conflict corruption bug fixed (thanks to sb)
    • Dependency on GNU diff or zdiff removed
    • Cleaned up JavaScript for Quickbuttons
    • Section editing now is disabled when parsing language files.
    • namespaces are included when displaying search results and recent changes again
  • 26.08.2004
  • 25.08.2004
    • Cache names are now created with servername and port, too. This ensures links are correct when running DokuWiki with multiple servernames or ports
    • now using popen instead of backticks for running external commands as suggested by Harry Brueckner
  • 24.08.2004
    • Optional CamelCase links
    • cleanID() now converts accented chars to unaccented ones – sorry if this breaks some links for you :-(
  • 23.08.2004
    • some nicer smileys added (hmmm… eye candy ;-))
    • fixed broken umask config (thanks to Helmut Franzke)
    • © ™ and ® added to typography support

Release 2004-08-22

  • 22.08.2004
    • definable level for Section Editing
    • fixes and updates for German language
    • InterWiki links linking to the same Wiki (e.g. this) use the target defined for Wiki links
  • 20.08.2004
    • simpler nowiki syntax by using double percent signs
    • much smaller stylesheet for GeSHi
    • GeSHi higlight files for Perl and Bash added (sent to upstream author)
    • finally lineendings are preserved correctly (this whole lineending stuff is just completely braindead :-|)
    • added > quoting (<qt> quoting removed)
  • 19.08.2004
    • Section editing added
    • attic mkdir bug fixed
    • config option for maximum TOC level
    • GeSHi Syntax highlighter added
  • 18.08.2004
    • Changed author in RSS and ATOM feeds to pseudo email address to satisfy requirements
    • ErrorReporting is set to sane values
    • gzip is disabled if not available even if enabled in the config
    • syntax for forced newlines added
    • breadcrumbs don't have duplicates anymore

Release 2004-08-15a

  • 16.08.2004
    • Fixed two typos with io_makeFileDir
  • 15.08.2004
    • dropped foocache and completely rewrote the page caching system from the scratch
    • now only existing documents are saved to the breadcrumbs
    • placeholders can now be used in the interwiki configuration file
    • vertical tableheaders added
    • title support for images
  • 14.08.2004
    • saves with no changes are silently ignored
  • 13.08.2004
    • emails are now optionally obfuscated against address harvesting spammers
  • 12.08.2004
    • DokuWiki now prints a warning and a diff if you try to overwrite a never version of a document
    • added simple table syntax submitted by Patrick Cole
  • 10.08.2004
    • gzip compression for the attic added (thanks to sb) – to convert your old attic use this command: find attic/ -name '*.txt' -exec gzip -9 {} \;
    • some fixes and additions to the XML Feed

Release 2004-08-08

  • 07.08.2004
    • some linkformating fixes
    • autogenerated Table of contents can be disabled with ~~NOTOC~~
    • some more typography (see syntax)
  • 05.08.2004
    • fixed another XHTML bug in listparsing (i hope)
    • another small typography fix: 640×480
    • added subscript and superscript
    • added custom textreplacement
    • pagecaching using foocache
  • 04.08.2004
    • favicon added
    • Editbox size is now stored in a persistent cookie
  • 03.08.2004
    • Bug on image resizing to new aspect ratio fixed (Delete media/.cache/*)
    • Replaced the logo image by the title configured in the config file
  • 01.08.2004
    • Imagecaching can be disabled with nocache parameter
    • Sessionname now uses title – multiple installations on the same server are now possible
    • added this as special case for interwiki

Release 2004-07-25

  • 25.07.2004
  • 24.07.2004
    • Index added
    • Parser bugfixes
    • Footnotes added
  • 23.07.2004
    • added IP and remote user to recent changes and feed

Release 2004-07-21

  • 20.07.2004
    • fixed https support
  • 19.07.2004
    • Added a stylesheet for print
    • Always clean the id before it is displayed anywhere
  • 18.07.2004
    • Anti WikiSpam changes
    • Fixed problem with nested lists like this one
  • 17.07.2004
    • correct META headers for search engine robots
      • only index existing pages, ignore old revisions and edit pages
      • set date META header
  • 16.07.2004
    • Typographically correct characters
    • Logging is done with clean ID
  • 15.07.2004
    • Better handling of codeblocks marked by indention
      • two spaces of indention are required now
      • indention is removed on show
  • 13.07.2004
    • Fixed problem with smileys in lists

Release 2004-07-12

  • 11.07.2004
    • Deleted pages are not shown in Recent changes anymore
    • fixed some IE display problems
  • 10.07.2004
    • disable full document path in footer
    • configurable start pagename (thanks to Alexander Pärsch)
    • images in link possible
    • some internal code cleanup
    • title tags for AccessKeys
    • translation of QuickButtons

Release 2004-07-07

  • 07.07.2004
  • 05.07.2004
    • added preview function
  • 04.07.2004
    • fixed list markup to be XHTML compliant again
    • fixed missing charset definition
    • optional email notify added
    • fixed links on webservers running on ports other than 80

Release 2004-07-04

  • Initial DokuWiki release
if you're upgrading from an older version upgrade to intermediate releases first
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