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Line 1: Line 1: ​ ====== +====== ​DokuWiki Newsletter ====== 
 +[[http://​​subscribe?​u=72ec38d1614d3a63c1184f448&​id=9c27f4f01d|{{ http://​​_static/​mailchimp/​mailchimp.php?​.png?​nocache|Subscribe to the DokuWiki Newsletter}}]] 
 +The DokuWiki Newsletter keeps you updated on what happens in DokuWiki development and the community, gives tips & tricks and features noteworthy plugins and templates. It is sent irregularly every one or two months. 
 +  * [[http://​​subscribe?​u=72ec38d1614d3a63c1184f448&​id=9c27f4f01d|Subscribe to the Newsletter]] 
 +We recommend to subscribe to the newsletter using the HTML format for the full beauty in your inbox. 
 +The Newsletter Infrastructure is sponsored by [[​|MailChimp]]. 
 ===== Past Issues ===== ===== Past Issues =====
 +  * DokuWiki at FOSDEM and PHP7 Compatibility (2016-01-29 18:55)
 {{rss>​http://​​dokuwiki-newsletter date}} {{rss>​http://​​dokuwiki-newsletter date}}
-Complete [[http://​​home/?​u=72ec38d1614d3a63c1184f448&​id=9c27f4f01d|DokuWiki Newsletter Archive]].+(un)Complete [[http://​​home/?​u=72ec38d1614d3a63c1184f448&​id=9c27f4f01d|DokuWiki Newsletter Archive]].
 ===== Feedback and Suggestions ===== ===== Feedback and Suggestions =====
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