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 +====== Namespaces ======
 +A namespace is similar to a directory or folder, while pages are similar to files.
 +In [[DokuWiki]] ​ you can use namespaces to categorize your pages. For names of namespaces the same restrictions hold as for [[pagename|pagenames]].
 +A default DokuWiki installation comes with the built-in namespaces: //wiki// and //​playground//​. This is a [[logs:​website|Test]]
 ===== Creating Namespaces ===== ===== Creating Namespaces =====
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 Links relative to the current namespace may also begin with either "​."​ or "​.:"​ ("​.."​ or "​..:"​ for parent namespace). Links relative to the current namespace may also begin with either "​."​ or "​.:"​ ("​.."​ or "​..:"​ for parent namespace).
 +===== Deleting namespaces =====
 +When all pages inside a namespace are removed (see [[page#​delete_a_page|delete a page]]) the namespace logically doesn’t exist anymore. DokuWiki usually deletes the now empty directory as well.
 +===== How  to rename namespaces? =====
 +==== Manual way ====
 +In order to rename a namespace manually you will have to:
 +  * Rename the folders that represent the namespace in:
 +    * ''​data/​pages''​
 +    * ''​data/​media''​ (if this exists)
 +  * Remove metadata for the namespace under ''​data/​meta''​
 +  * Remove attic data for the namespace under ''​data/​attic''​ (or move that over as well, if you want to preserve old versions)
 +  ​
 +For example, on a Unix host, you could:
 +  * ''​mv /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​pages/​old_namespace /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​pages/​new_namespace''​
 +  * ''​mv /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​media/​old_namespace /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​media/​new_namespace''​
 +  * ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​meta/​old_namespace''​
 +  * move: ''​mv /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​attic/​old_namespace /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​attic/​new_namespace''​ \\ or remove: ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​attic/​old_namespace'' ​
 +Note that the ''​old_namespace''​ and/or ''​new_namespace''​ words may need to be encoded if they are on a non-Latin character set (i.e. Greek, Russian, etc).
 +  * Correct (by editing them) all the links to the pages under the //moved// namespace (you can discover those before moving the namespace by reviewing each page's [[backlinks]]).
 +  * Browse each and every page under the new namespace. This will create the missing indexing information and metadata for the pages under the moved namespace.
 +However, you will still have lots of junk left around. For example in ''​data/​changes.log'',​ various files under cache (including the ''​.idx''​ files etc). If possible you could just start from a ''​blank state''​ as follows (again under Unix) but be warned that this will mean losing all your historical information (i.e. ''​recent changes''​):​
 +  * ''​cat /dev/null > /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​changes.log''​
 +  * ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​attic/​*''​
 +  * ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​cache/?''​
 +  * ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​cache/​*.idx''​
 +  * ''​rm -Rf /​dokuwiki_base/​data/​cache/​purgefile''​
 +  * Browse each and every page of your Wiki.
 +DISCLAIMER: I understand this is convoluted (and maybe I missed/​messed a couple of things you should also do). All in all this is a PITA. You may also use a couple of [[plugins]] that are available for (re)building the searchindex for the complete wiki, erasing entire cache and/or old wiki revisions thus avoiding having to do this manually.
 +===== Namespace Default Linking =====
 +It is possible to link to the default file of a namespace by ending the linkid
 +with a colon: %%[[foo:​bar:​]]%%. Which page the link links to is dependent on the
 +existence of certain named files. For %%[[foo:​bar:​]]%% the following pages are
 +The pages are checked in that order and whatever page is found first will be linked to. [[config:​autoplural|Autoplural]] linking is not done for those links.
 +DokuWiki supports [[doku>​Interwiki]] links. These are quick links to other Wikis.
 +For example this is a link to Wikipedia'​s page about Wikis: [[wp>​Wiki]].
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