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Flash based Multiuploader

:!: Removed since Angua 2012-01-25 The current uploader supports (in Firefox and Chrome) selecting multiple files in the file chooser.

DokuWiki comes with a flash based upload tool that allows you to select multiple files and upload them at once. The uploader is still in experimental state and might not work for all setups.

The multiuploader is invoked from within the media manager popup using the icon. This icon is displayed only if JavaScript is enabled and Adobe Flash 9 or higher is supported.


The Flash MultiUploader

The interface of the multiuploader is simple. In the top row a namespace (1) can be given, it is prefilled with the currently selected namespace in mediamanger. All files will be uploaded into this namespace, using the same name as on your local drive. If the namespace doesn't exist yet it will be created automatically.

Below the namespace entry field is a list of the files selected for upload. It shows the filename (2), the filesize (3) and the status (4) of the file. The status will tell you when a file is too big or will show an error message when something goes wrong during the upload of the file.

Using the overwrite checkbox (5) will let you overwrite existing files. Like with the normal upload, this field is only available when the user has delete permissions.

Files are added through the browse button (6). Only allowed file types will be shown in the file selection dialog. You may select multiple files in the file selection dialog using the Ctrl and Shift key (or whatever mechanism your Operating System uses for selecting multiple files). You can also open the browse dialog multiple times to add files one by one.

The upload button (7) finally starts the upload process.


The multiuploader is known to fail for certain setups, but it's not yet 100% clear what causes it. At least go through the following list:

  • Make sure the Flash browser plugin in version 9 or higher is installed
  • Make sure JavaScript is enabled
  • Make sure “normal” uploading works before even attempting to use the flash uploader
  • Make sure session.use_only_cookies is disabled in PHP
  • Make sure suhosin.session.cryptua is disabled if you are using suhosin PHP extension
  • Try the version of the current devel version of DokuWiki as it contains a few improvements

If it doesn't work, please give feedback to 1641. Especially feedback from experienced users with skills in HTTP logging or Flash coders would be very helpful.

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