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 ====== Main Window  ====== ====== Main Window  ======
-Actually the main window may look like anything because its appearance is completely configurable via [[:Template|template]] themes. This page describes the default template that comes with DokuWiki.+This page describes the layout of a page using the default template that comes with DokuWiki. The look of the page may be changed and customized by installing additional [[:Template|template]] themes.
-Screenshot:+A DokuWiki page is divided into four parts. At the top is the page header, followed by navigational breadcrumbs, the page content, and the footer.
-===== Top Title & Buttons =====+===== Page Header =====
-On the **very top** left you see the title of the page. On the right you see the title of this wiki installationIn the second line you see grey-blueish bar with some buttons. Let's go through them one by one.+Located at the top of the page is the headerThis contains the title of the wiki to the leftOn the right side are frequently used links and search field.
-   * "Edit this page" - **Yes**, you are allowed to edit any page in this WikiThat's what wikis are all aboutSee [[editing|Editing DokuWiki Pages]]. +If you are not logged into the wiki you will see two links at the top right of the page
-   "Old revisions" - When someone edited a page, DokuWiki remembers the old versionswhich are then also called revisions. See [[attic|Older page revisions]]. + 
-   "Recent ChangesThis is one of the most important entry points into a wiki when you regularly visit this page. It leads to a list of pages that have recently been changed. See [[Recent Changes]]. +   ''Register'' which allows you to create a new account. 
-   "Search" A fulltext search over the whole content of this wiki. See [[Search]].+   ''Login'' which lets you [[login]] using an existing account. 
 +If you are already logged in this area will change to show the following: 
 +   * The full name and username of the currently logged in user. 
 +   * An ''Admin'' link if your account is a member of the admin groupClicking this link will take you to the [[admin window]]. 
 +   ''Update Profile'' which takes you to a page to change settings such as your real nameemail addressand password. 
 +   * ''Logout'' to log out of the wiki. 
 +Next is the search field. Entering text in this field and either pressing Enter or clicking the magnifying glass will perform a full-text search over the entire content of the wiki. See [[Search]] for more information. 
 +The last three links are: 
 +   ''Recent Changes'' -- shows a list of pages in the wiki that were changed recently. See [[Recent Changes]]. 
 +   ''Media Manager'' -- opens a page which allows the user to upload non-text content such as images, audio, video, and other documents. See [[Fullscreen MediaManager|Fullscreen Media Manager]]
 +   * ''Sitemap'' -- shows an [[index]] of all of the pages and [[namespaces]] in the wiki.
 ===== Breadcrumbs ===== ===== Breadcrumbs =====
-The third line starts with the word "Trace:". After that is a list of pages that you've just read, like the history function in your browserRead [[breadcrumbs]] for more info.+The next section starts with the word "Trace" after which is shown a list of recently visited pages. This functions similarly to the history function in most web browsers. Clicking on any of the breadcrumb links will take you to that pageSee [[breadcrumbs]] for more information.
-Note that another kind of breadcrumb is availablewhich displays the hierarchy of namespaces the current page is in See the [[config:youarehere|youarehere]] configuration setting.+Note that another kind of breadcrumb is available which displays the hierarchy of namespaces related to the current page. See the [[config:youarehere|youarehere]] configuration setting.
-===== Content ===== +===== Page Content =====
-The main part of the window is taken by the content area. This is where your wiki source is shown and rendered. See [[page|page structure]] for more info.+
 +The largest area of the page is devoted to the page content. This is where your wiki source is rendered and displayed. See [[page|page structure]] for more info.
 +===== Page Tools =====
 +To the right of the page content there are the //page tools//((sometimes referred to in one word as "pagetools")) that you need to edit and manage the page. Initially displayed as images, by moving the mouse pointer over them they will expose written labels about their functions whose kind and number vary depending on your rights / if you are [[?do=login |logged in]], the [[devel:action_modes |mode]] you are in (show, edit, and some more), and your wiki's configuration for some special options. Normally you should see:
 +^ image / symbol                                ^ label                                                      ^ function/ note                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          ^
 +| pencil / page / paperclip / magnifying glass  | Edit this page / Show page / Edit draft / Show pagesource  | depending on mode and rights: open the [[edit_window|page editor]] in order to make changes to the page OR return to viewing the page (without changes) OR editing non saved changes DokuWiki has detected OR just view the page's source [[wikitext]]((not to be confused with the HTML source that is produced from wikitext **plus** DokuWiki's "frame" around it))  |
 +| clock                                         | Old revisions                                              | shows the list of changes made to a page                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                |
 +| chain link                                    | Backlinks                                                  | shows a list of [[backlinks|pages in your wiki that link to the current page]]                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          |
 +| upward arrow                                  | Back to top                                                | scrolls the page to the top                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             |
 +As a logged in user you will also see
 +^ image / symbol ^ label ^ function/ note ^
 +| envelope | Managing Subscriptions | see [[: subscription |Email Subscriptions]] |
 ===== Footer ===== ===== Footer =====
-The bottom part of the page is populated with : + 
-  * user info, which tells who is logged in + 
-  * page infowhich tells when and who has edited the page last +The footer is located below the page content.  
-  * buttons, where you find again ''Edit'' and ''Old revisions'', or : + 
-    * ''Login'' which lets you [[login]] ;-) +It shows the date and time that it was last edited, and by whom it was edited. Further it provides information on the publishing license and filename of the page.
-    * ''Index'' which shows an [[index]] of the pages and namespaces +
-    * ''Back to top'', a shortcut to get you back to top on long pages +
-    * If your profile is ''admin'', you may see a ''Admin'' button that leads you to the [[admin window]]+
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