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 ====== Mailing Lists ====== ====== Mailing Lists ======
 +[[DokuWiki]]'​s development is coordinated through multiple Mailinglists hosted by [[https://​​|]].
 ===== Using the lists ===== ===== Using the lists =====
 +First you should subscribe to one or several of the mailing lists presented below. After subscribing you can send emails to the list(s) by using the mailingss list address stated in its description. If you rather want to use the mailing list through a news group interface, please read the section [[#News group interface]].
 +If you are new to mailing lists in general, please read [[rfc>​1855|RFC 1855 - Netiquette Guidelines]],​ especially the sections 3.1.1 and 3.1.2. Before you ask any questions you should also have a look at [[http://​​~esr/​faqs/​smart-questions.html|How To Ask Questions The Smart Way]][[https://​​translations/​come-fare-domande-in-modo-intelligente.html|Italian translation for How To Ask Questions The Smart Way]].
 +Please note that these documents are linked here solely for the purpose of information. Their respective authors have nothing to do with [[DokuWiki]] and in **no case** should you send email to them, asking for help related to [[DokuWiki]]! ​
 ===== Key Rules ===== ===== Key Rules =====
 +  * Don't send your mails as HTML
 +  * When answering, don't quote the whole text. Just leave some context to understand what you are relating to
 +  * Write your answer **below** the quoted text (this make it easier to follow longer conversations)
 +  * Use meaningful subject lines
 +  * Don't start a new topic by replying to any other list message (this messes up threading)
 +  * Don't CC list members when replying (they would get your mail twice) — hit "​reply",​ not "reply all"
 +  * Don't use the list for idle chit chat, if your message adds no new information don't send it
 +A failure to follow the rules might result in a temporary ban from the list without warning.
 ===== General Mailing List ===== ===== General Mailing List =====
 +This list is used for general discussions on development and usage of DokuWiki with a strong technical focus. End users might want to check out the [[forum]] first. The list usually has a traffic of a few Mails per day.
 +You can subscribe, unsubscribe and change your settings for the general list using a [[https://​​list/​dokuwiki|webinterface]].
 +Or you can send a mail to <​>​ with one of the following subjects:
 +  * ''​subscribe''​ to subscribe
 +  * ''​unsubscribe''​ to unsubscribe
 +After subscribing messages can be sent to <​>​.
 ==== Archive ==== ==== Archive ====
 +The Mailing list archive is available at https://​​archives/​dokuwiki. Here is a list of the latest posts:
 +{{rss>​https://​​freelists-feeds/​dokuwiki author}}
 ==== Searching the mailinglist ==== ==== Searching the mailinglist ====
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