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-====== Login and Registration =======+{{ :logo_512x512.png?nolink&200 |}}
-Please note: Logging in is only possible if the Wiki administrator chose to enable [[ACL]] support for the wikiIf ACLs aren't enabled there is no login available and everyone can edit the wiki.+====== 1Manage Your SURE Account ====== 
 +===== 1.1. Creating SURE account =====
-===== How to Login ===== 
-Registered users can login using the "Login" functionalityAfter supplying the correct credentials in the login form, the button changes to "Logout".+  - After SURE application is installed, you may open it and sign up for SURE Universal Remote. 
 +  - Tap the 3 vertical dots icon on the upper right corner of the screen to open the app menu. 
 +  - Select My Account option.  
 +  - Click Login to create a new SURE account or sign in to your existing account. 
 +  - You may also decide to go Premium and enjoy our ads free version. 
 +  - Tap Register for Free and follow the instructions on how to set up a new account.{{ :create_account.jpeg?nolink&200 |}} 
 +  - Enter your email address and password of your choice.  
 +  - Once you are ready click on Create Account. 
 +  - After a short registration process you will receive a confirmation email with a link. 
 +  - To complete registration processtap the link you have received to your email box. 
 +  - Upon successful activation of your SURE account you will see a message that your email is verified. 
 +  - Click Ready to Login to be directed to the Login screen. 
 +  - In Login screen, your username will already be populated. Enter your password and tap Login.
-If you choose to select the "Remember Me" checkbox, you will be automatically logged in the next time you revisit the Wiki. Don't do this on a shared computer e.g. at work or in an internet café. 
-If you have forgotten your password, you can click the resend password link to have a new password sent to your registered email addressIf you can't recall your user name, or your email address has changed, you will need to register againNote: You can disable this behaviour with the [[config:disableactions]] config option by ticking "Send new password" (or by adding ''resendpwd'' if you're manually editing the config file).+===== 1.2. Reset your SURE password ===== 
 +  - If you forgot your SURE account password, or wish to set a new password, simply tap the Forgot Password button on the Login screen and follow these steps to reset your password. 
 +  - Type your email account and tap Send Reset Password Email. 
 +  - An email will be sent to you from with the subject Set a New Passwordprompting you to reset your password. 
 +  - Click Set a New Password. 
 +  - Enter your new password in both fields and tap Reset Password. 
 +  - Your new password is now set. You may log-in to SURE with the new password. 
 +===== 1.3. Delete SURE account =====
-To be able to log in, your Browser needs to support [[wp>HTTP_cookies|Cookies]].+  - To delete your SURE account, go to My Account menu. 
 +  - Tap Delete Account. 
 +  - A confirmation message will pop up. To delete press Delete Account. 
 +Note: Deleting your SURE account will permanently deactivate your profile and delete all of your saved data.
-Logging out is just a matter of pressing the "Logout" action.+====== 2Sleep Mode Configuration ======
-===== Registration =====+  
 +In order to operate your Smart TV from SURE Universal remote, Sleep mode needs to be configured to avoid hibernation, otherwise the remote might not be able to turn them back on. 
 +This is done slightly differently in each brand. Here are the instructions on how to configure sleep mode in some common TV brands:
-If the wiki admin didn't disable it, people can register themselves at the wikiTo do so just click on "Login" and follow the "Register" link below to the login form.+===== 2.1Sony Bravia ===== 
 +Home → Settings → Power → Eco → Idle TV Standby – Off 
 +===== 2.2. Samsung =====
-Enter your Userdata and hit register, depending on how the wiki is configured you will either get an auto-generated password by mail (default) or you are allowed to supply your own password in the register form.+Settings → More → System → Eco Solution → Auto Power Off – Off 
 +===== 2.3. Android TV Set-Top Box =====
-If ''register'' is disabled in the [[config:disableactions]] config option, only the administrator(s) can add users. They can find an "Add new user" link in the "Admin" screen.+Settings → Powerkey definition → Sleep now
-You can update your registration information at any time. Simply login and click on "Update Profile"132+Note:  
 +The first time you try to turn your Android TV off, the app will advise you to set it to Standby or power saving mode through settingsThis message will not show up again after you press OK or Cancel.
-==== Unregister / Delete User ==== 
-Admins can delete users through the [[plugin:usermanager|User Manager]]But users cannot delete themselves.+====== 3.   Personalize Your SURE Remote ====== 
 +===== 3.1. Language Settings ===== 
 +Language will be set automatically based on your Locale settings. The instructions below relate to cases where you wish to change the language settings on your device to be different from the automatic settings.         
 +  - Tap the 3 vertical dots icon on the top right corner of the screen and select Settings. 
 +  - Under the section of Personalize SURE select Language. 
 +  - Choose the language of your choice. 
 +===== 3.2. Additional Settings ===== 
 +You can personalize SURE app in the Settings menu.  You may change the Theme, and turn On/Off Custom Panel, Widget on notification bar, button sound effect, button vibration effect and more. In addition, you can reset to the default SURE settings. 
 +  - Theme – You can select Dark or Light theme for your screen. 
 +  - Custom Panel – Custom Panel is the default On/Off. 
 +  - Determines whether the Custom Panel is displayed by default, or the main panel on the original remote. To learn more about Custom Panel, please see 
 +  - Widget on Notification Bar – Show SURE Universal widget on notification bar On/Off - Play your music using SURE Player, and you would be able to control it from SURE widget displayed on your Notification bar. The widget will also allow control over your IR remotes. 
 +  - Sound – Button Sound Effect On/Off. 
 +  - Vibrate – Button Vibration On/Off. 
 +  - Wake on Shake – Enable SURE Universal wake-up on phone movement On/Off. 
 +  - Mute on Ring – Mute smart TVs for incoming phone calls On/Off.       
 +  - Reset Settings – Reset settings to default values. When you select the reset settings option, a confirmation message will pop up. Tap Reset to proceed or Cancel to keep the current settings. 
 +====== 4. Using SURE Application as a Universal Remote ====== 
 +===== 4.1. Pairing your phone with your Android TV Set-Top Box ===== 
 +In order for the mobile device to communicate your Android TV Set-Top-Box, you would need to pair them. Follow the instructions below to have your mobile device and the Android TV STB communicate with each other. 
 +  - From Home Screen select Add Device. 
 +  - Select the option Smart Remote (WiFi) to connect to your Android TV STB. 
 +  - Select the Device Type TV. 
 +  - Select Android TV.    
 +  - Select your Android TV STB from the  list.      
 +  - Your remote control will now appear and allow you to control your Android TV STB. 
 +===== 4.2. Pairing your phone with your Smart TV ===== 
 +You can use SURE mobile app to control your Smart TV via WiFi.  
 +If your TV set does not have Smart TV capabilities, please proceed to section 3.3.2. 
 +Some Smart TV brands, such as: Sony, Toshiba, Skyworth and others, run Android TV operating system, hence we refer to them as Android TV. Other brands, such as: Samsung and LG, run different OS, and therefore is this guide they are referred to as Non-Android TV. 
 +When adding Smart TV to SURE mobile app, for Android TV devices, please select the option Android TV, regardless of the Smart TV brand. 
 +For Non-Android TV sets, select the brand of choice from the list, e.g. Samsung, LG, etc, and the application will find it. Make sure that the TV and your smartphone are connected to the same WiFi network. 
 +If you are not sure whether your Smart TV runs Android TV or a different OS, you can simply select your brand from the list and your TV should show up. 
 +Once added, each TV remote may introduce different features based on the manufacturer's choice.  
 +You can see below examples of Android TV remote and Samsung remote as Non-Android TV. 
 +Swipe to the left to explore all the features that SURE remote enables on your Smart TV. 
 +===== 4.3. Pairing your phone with your IR home appliances ===== 
 +Some mobile devices, such as Xiaomi and Huawei devices, have IR blaster installed, while other brands, such as iPhone and Motorola devices, have removed it. 
 +If your phone has IR blaster installed, you may skip the next section and go directly to the relevant appliances you wish to add via IR. For phones without IR blaster, a WiFi-to-IR converter is needed to have full functionality with the app. 
 +To find out whether your phone has IR blaster, you can check here. 
 +Alternatively, you can try adding devices via Traditional Remote (IR) and see if the application allows it. 
 +To do so: 
 +  - In the main screen tap + Add Device. 
 +  - Select Traditional Remote (IR). 
 +  - If no IR blaster is installed on your phone, you will be notified that a WiFi-to-IR converter is required. In this case you would have to connect a WiFi-to-IR converter to your network and set it up to communicate with SURE app. 
 +==== 4.3.1. Setting up WiFi to IR Converter ==== 
 +  - Connect the WiFi-to-IR converter to power source. 
 +  - From the main screen tap + Add Device  
 +  - Select Smart Remote (WiFi). 
 +  - Select WiFi-to-IR Converter. 
 +  - Tap IR Gateway. 
 +  - If no permission was previously granted for Phone Calls, you would be prompted to Allow it now. Click Next and then Allow. 
 +  - If no device was previously added, or  you wish to add another device, tap Add New Broadlink. 
 +  - The next step is configuring the device: 
 +      - Make sure the device is connected to power source. 
 +      - Long press the reset button until the WiFi indication light starts to blink fast. 
 +      - Enter your WiFi password. 
 +      - Click Configure.  
 +  - After configuration is complete, the new   WiFi-to-IR device will be added.  
 +  - Tap Add Device via Broadlink to add IR controlled appliances. 
 +  - Select the devices you wish to control  through IR from the list: 
 +  - Proceed to the next section for instructions how to add TV and Air ConditionerOther supported IR devices are paired the same way. 
 +==== 4.3.2. Television ==== 
 +If your mobile device does not have IR blaster, or you are not sure, please see 4.3.1. 
 +If your device has IR blaster installed, or you already set up a WiFi-to-IR converter, you may proceed and add IR-controlled devices. 
 +  - Tap + Add Device 
 +  - Select Type - TV 
 +  - Find your device brand.  
 +  - Test the remote using the Volume Up / Volume Down buttons. 
 +       If you don't see any change on your TV, tap the right '>' button to move to the next remote. Do this until you find the remote that does control your TV. 
 +       Once the TV reacts to the remote, press Success! Save Remote to save the TV under your devices.       
 +  - Your TV is under your devices now and all controls are available. Swipe to the left to see all available controls. 
 +=== Custom Panel === 
 +You may choose to set up a Custom Panel for the TV remote you have just created and have all your commonly used functions in one panel. To do so: 
 +  - Tap the 3 vertical dots icon to open the menu. 
 +  - Click Devices → Edit Custom Panel. 
 +  - Drag controls of your choice from the lower panel onto the upper panel. 
 +  - When done, exit the screen and your Custom Panel will be saved. 
 +    Note: Custom Panel can also be created for multiple devices. To learn more, please refer to Groups in section 7. 
 +==== 4.3.3. Air Conditioner ==== 
 +If your device does not have IR blaster, or you are not sure, please see 4.3.1. 
 +If your device has IR blaster installed, or you already set up WiFi-to-IR converter, you may proceed and add IR-controlled devices. 
 +  - Tap **+ Add Device** and then select Air Conditioner. 
 +  - Select your Device Brand or tap **Try Complete A/C Scan** to find your remote. 
 +  - To use the AC scan: 
 +       Make sure your A/C is turned off. 
 +       Point your IR blaster at the AC. 
 +       Tap **Start Scan**, and as soon as you hear the A/C beep press **Stop Scan**. 
 +  - Test the remote using the **POWER ON** button. 
 +       If the A/C does not respond, tap the right '>' button to move to the next remote. Do this until you find the remote that does control your A/C. 
 +       Once the A/C reacts to the remote, press **Success! Save Remote** to save the A/C under your devices.           
 +  - Your A/C is under your devices now and all controls are available.  
 +====== 5.    SURE Media Player ====== 
 +  - The first time you use SURE Media Player you will be prompted to grant permissions to SURE app to access photos, media and files on your device. Tap NEXT and then ALLOW. 
 +  - Select the content you would like to play.  
 +  - Choose to watch the files locally on your mobile device, or stream them to the big screen. In the dialog Stream to: select where to stream the content. 
 +  - Once selected, the content will be displayed on the screen you have selected. 
 +  - In addition, a new tab will open for the streaming device and you will be able to see your Playlist and the streaming controls by toggling between the two sub-tabs. 
 +====== 6. SURE Panels ====== 
 +The following features are available when smart devices, such as: Smart TV and Android TV Set-Top Boxes, are connected to SURE application via WiFi. 
 +===== 6.1. Main Panel ===== 
 +Main Panel can be accessed by pressing the icon 
 +Available functions in the Main Panel -  
 +  * Navigation -  Up, Down, Left, Right, OK 
 +  * Volume – Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute  
 +  * Menu – Open menu on the screen 
 +  * Home – Go to Home screen 
 +  * Voice Control - Voice control will respond when you press the mic button  
 +Name the command you wish to apply on your Set-Top box. For example, naming an app will launch it on the screen connected to your STB. 
 +You can also use Voice Control as a command on your STB (left, right, home, etc.,). 
 +===== 6.2. Mouse and Keyboard control ===== 
 +This panel is accessed by pressing the icon 
 +  * Keyboard - Press the keyboard icon in the center screen to open the keyboard and mouse controls. 
 +    * Copy/paste from anywhere onto your keyboard input. 
 +    * Language preference can be changed according to your phones setup languages. 
 +    * Voice typing is used to type or edit your text by speaking. This feature is only available through your phone setup. 
 +  * Mouse - One finger for movement use and two fingers to scroll up and down. 
 +===== 6.3. App Launcher ===== 
 +==== 6.3.1. Android TV ==== 
 +In Android TV boxes, the grid icon opens voice assistant with which you can control your smart TV. 
 +Tap the microphone button to open any application that is installed in your Android TV box using voice commands. 
 +==== 6.3.2. Non-Android TV ==== 
 +In non-Android TV devices, the grid icon displays all the applications that are installed on the TV device. Press to launch the app of your choice. 
 +===== 6.4. File Browser and Content Streamer ===== 
 +Watch local or remote content from your phone on your TV. 
 +  * File Browser -  
 +        * Browse files from your phone or from other computers or storage devices that are  connected to your network using the      Browse Files button. 
 +        * Select **Local Content** option to browse and watch local content from you phone. 
 +        * Select **DLNA Servers** option to browse and watch content that is saved on other computers in your network, or storage devices.  
 +  * Content Streamer -  
 +        * Stream content from your phone and watch it on your TV. See __sec. 11__ for more. 
 +====== 7. Groups ====== 
 +SURE application allows you to select multiple devices as a Group and control them with a single tap on the remote.   
 +To create a new Group: 
 +  - Click Add. 
 +  - Add New Group. 
 +  - Select Devices: Eligible Devices are displayed. 
 +  - Select the devices that you wish to add to the group so they appear with a blue check mark next to them. 
 +  - Hit Select. 
 +  - You can now give your Group a name, e.g., Living Room. 
 +  - Under Group tab you will now see the option Custom Panel. 
 +  - Custom Panel helps you to build a remote to control all the devices in the group. 
 +  - Click Edit Custom Panel. 
 +  - Drag functions from the lower panel of   the screen onto the upper panel. 
 +  - Custom Panel is now ready to use. You    can control multiple devices from one remote. 
 +  - To Add, Edit or Delete groups, tap the  icon on the upper right side of the screen   and open Groups menu.
-===== Access Control ===== 
-Please see [[ACL]] for details on controlling user and usergroup access to [[namespaces]] and [[page|pages]]. 
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