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Dokuwiki Logging Information

This page is for now only a brainstorming page. I am neither a dokuwiki developer, nor a dokuwiki extension developer. Consequently, anything indicated in the tables below is mostly guessed.

Maybe that the various developers will at some point see some interest in maintaining such a page, by entering the relevant information about the dokuwiki part they are developing.

I choose here tables to display the information, but any idea to display the information in a better way could also be used. In fact, I am starting to wonder whether for the extensions the following information would not be better located in the corresponding doc page of the extension.

Dokuwiki Core

Feature Dokuwiki Version Collected Data Location Comment
Edit a page2018-04-22a “Greebo”username, IP address
View a page2018-04-22a “Greebo”none - -

Dokuwiki Extensions

The following table listed here gives information about data collected additional to the data entered in the plugin. For example, in the case of the ACL Manager, the table does not indicate that dokuwiki saves the entered ACL rules somewhere, but if some other data is stored additionally to the ACL rules, the table should indicate it.

Name and Version Feature Collected Data Location Comment
ACL Manager 2014-06-04any action none - -
Logger 2018-04-05on every requestdate, time, ip, username, pc name, query string, user agent dokuwiki/data/media/admin/logs/<CURRENT_YEAR>.csv
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