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DokuWiki 템플릿

도쿠위키와의 호환성


template 도쿠위키의 기본 템플릿 2012년 이래로

마지막 업데이트 날짜

다음과 비슷: adoradark, binkytestinstance, ghw, lisps, zenith

다음으로 태그됨: !bundled, default, mobile, responsive, sidebar

새 기본 템플릿입니다 도쿠위키에 포함된 “Adora Belle” 이래로(2012-10-13 릴리스).

템플릿은 설계되었습니다 Clarence Lee에 의해. 더 읽으세요 템플릿의 이야기에 대해.


  • 선택적인 사이드바
  • 모바일 지원 (데스크톱, 태블릿, 폰 크기)
  • HTML5 호환할 수 있음

사용자 지정

템플릿은 지원합니다 약간의 간단한 사용자 지정을. 더 필요하다면 자신의 템플릿을 만들어야 합니다, though. 확인하세요 도쿠위키 템플릿 개발을 저것에 대해서는.

추가하기 사이드바

템플릿은 지원합니다 사이드바를 구성으로 구성 설정하기: 사이드바에서.

바꾸기 너비와 다른 스타일

Additionally to the standard guaranteed style.ini placeholders, the template uses the following variables:

placeholder variable
__background_site__background colour of the whole site
__link__ 색 링크의
__existing__ colour of links to existing internal pages
__missing__ colour of links to missing internal pages
__site_width__ width of the whole site
__sidebar_width__ 사이드바의 너비

E.g. you can adjust the width of the template by overriding the __site_width__ variable. Simply create the file conf/tpl/dokuwiki/style.ini (or lib/tpl/dokuwiki/style.local.ini in Adora Belle) and set the variable accordingly. You can either use a fixed value (px or em) or a percent value (%) if you prefer a dynamic width.

__site_width__  = "100%"

You can use this file to override any other variable from the style.ini as well. E.g. for changing some of the colors.

바꾸기 로고

The Logo, Favicon and Apple Touch (bookmark) icons are looked up from multiple locations. The default icons (DokuWiki logo) provided by the template can be easily exchanged by uploading the image files to their correct locations using the Media Manager.

Here are the locations checked by the template code:

  • 사이트의 로고
    • :wiki:logo.png
    • :logo.png
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/logo.png
  • 패비콘
    • :wiki:favicon.ico
    • :favicon.ico
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/favicon.ico
  • 북마크 아이콘 사용되는 Apple과 Android 장치에
    • :wiki:apple-touch-icon.png
    • :apple-touch-icon.png
    • lib/tpl/dokuwiki/images/apple-touch-icon.png

Action Hooks

Plugins can integrate into the template without any need for modifying the template by providing an Action component to handle the custom action hooks triggered by the template.


This event allows to extend or modify the floating pagetools menu. $event->data['items'] contains an array with HTML for each item in the menu. Plugin authors should match the existing style and provide needed CSS and background image. You can use different styling or classes or markup depending on $conf['template']. $event->data['view'] contains information whether the pagetools are called in the main or the detail view.

Supported Include Hooks

Include hooks allow you to add additional HTML or PHP to the template without modifying any of the template files itself, making them safe to survive an update. Just create the appropriate file in either the template directory (lib/tpl/dokuwiki/) or your conf/ directory.

파일 이름 위치 포함된 HTML의
meta.html Inside the HTML <head>, use this to add additional styles or metaheaders
sidebarheader.html At the top of the sidebar (if any)
sidebarfooter.html At the bottom of the sidebar (if any)
pageheader.html At the top inside the content box, above the actual content
pagefooter.html At the bottom inside the content box, below the actual content
header.html At the top of the page, above the logo and wiki title
footer.html At the very end of the page after all other page content
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