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HOWTO: Rename Pages

:?: Is there a way to rename a page through DokuWiki?

The easy way

Renaming would possibly break a lot of links linking to the old page.

이름을 바꾸는 건 링크된 예전페이지의 링크가 많이 깨질 수 있습니다.

Since DokuWiki doesn't know which pages link where this cannot be handled by DokuWiki.

도쿠위키로 만들어진 어떤 페이지가 링크되었는지 모르기 때문입니다.

An easy way to “rename” a page is to simply create the new one and then change the content of the old page to something like this:

이름을 바꾸는 쉬운 방법은 새로운 걸 만들고 예전페이지에서 이런것으로 내용을 바꾸는 겁니다.

moved to [[newpage]]

Then visit the pages linking to the old page, and update them to refer to the new page. This can be done gradually.

Note that the old revisions will not be moved with that page. If you like to move them too, you should either write a script or use the plugin (see below).

On the file system

You can also rename/move the txt files in the file system. But that also will break links and the old revisions.

Using a Plugin

The pagemove plugin allows a simpler way for an administrator to move/rename pages.

Using UNIX commands

Note: This tip assumes one is using a Unix-like OS with text file utilities installed, or is using Cygwin under Windows.

Note that following this tip prevents DokuWiki from keeping a coherent page history (old revisions). Remember to back up all raw text files and data.

How-To Rename a set of pages? Use sed regular expressions to match a filename pattern and replace it with a new filename pattern.

Example: Rename all pages starting with <project_name> to another prefix:

for f in `ls *.txt`; do sed -e 's:\[\[project_name\(.*\)\]\]:[[prj_code.\1]]:g' $f > $; done
for f in `ls *.new | sed -e 's:\(.*\)\.new:\1:g'`; do mv $ $f; done
for f in `ls *.txt | sed -e 's:project_name\(.*\)\.txt:\1.txt:g'`; do mv project_name-$f prj_code-$f; done


  • The first command uses sed to find all occurrences of a DokuWiki FreeLink that starts with project_name and replaces them with a new FreeLink that is like the old one except that instead of prefix project_name it has prefix prj_code.
  • The second command is used to replace the old raw text files (with old FreeLink) with the new raw text files (with new FreeLink).
  • Finally, the third command renames the files that match those FreeLinks, by replacing the prefix project_name with prefix prj_code in their filename.
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