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r7throot1 Template

Compatibile con DokuWiki

from 2007-11-23 to 2009-12-15 "Lemming"

template Modello semplice con sidebar

Ultimo aggiornamento il

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

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Taggato con sidebar

Sostieni lo sviluppo di Plugins e modelli di DokuWiki offrendomi i soldi per una chocolate (Suggested: 3€ for a regular or 5€ for big one with cookies ;-)).


r7throot1 è un template per DokuWiki e wiki (inspirati a Minima and mmZenzire templates). Le caratteristiche principali:

  • Sidebar - customizable sidebar, that is displayed on every page (sidebar page). Every namespace may have his own sidebar (sidebar page into the namespace).
  • Footer - user defined footer information.




Filename Versione Data
r7throot1-2009-12-25.tar.gz (:!: current stable :!:) 20091225 25.12.2009
r7throot1-20071123.tar.gz 20071123 23.11.2007
r7throot1.tar.gz 20070211 11.02.2007

Use the following URL to download this template:


Riferirsi a template su come installare e utilizzare i modelli di DokuWiki. In modo semplice:

  1. Download the tarball/zip-file
  2. Unpack it into <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. Login come admin e modifica il modello nella configuration manager


I parametri del modello (template) si trovano nel seguente file <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/<template>/conf.php.

Struttura dei File

 + pages
 |- sidebar        [1]
 |- blog
 |- stuff
 |- about
 |+ projects      
  |- sidebar
  |- 7throot1
 |- contact

Every namespace can have its own sidebar. Simply add a page called sidebar. If no sidebar is found in the current namespace, the sidebar of the parent namespace will be used. If there is no sidebar page in the namespace hierarchy, the index will be used.

  ==== My Sidebar ====
  * [[blog|Blog]] 
  * [[stuff|Stuff]] 
  * [[about|About]]
  * [[projects|Projects]]
  * [[contact|Contact]]


  • 25.12.2009: Template compatible with last DokuWiki release (2009-12-25 Lemming codename) - r0sk.
  • 23.11.2007: Template compatible with multitemplate. Removed some unused images - r0sk.
  • 18.09.2007: Bug fixed: sidebar width on index, thanks to Indro Neri - r0sk.
  • 11.02.2007: Initial version v0.1 - r0sk.

Sites using this Template


Hi, I like the r7throot1 theme and it installs just fine, but when I switch to wide mode, it doesn't display correctly. If I have sidebar right, then I get a scrollbar beneath the “Main” page (which >appears to be normal width). If I have sidebar left, then it displays the sidebar beneath the “main” page. Any thoughts as to why this might be? I've tried it in both Firefox and Internet explorer. If I select narrow, the sidebar is in the correct position but appears to be wider than the header/footer images. Apologies for not being able to show you what I mean - I have this running on my PC for my own purposes, and not public use. Any thoughts on something to try for this?. Thanks in advance
- C Heeney, 2008/04/23 15:34
Hello. I REALLY like your 7throot1 template. I was also wondering if you would address the width issue related above, as I've installed it a couple of times on different servers, but am also getting the >scrollbars for both up/down and left/right. Thanks for sharing your creation. Looking forward to any tweaks you provide. Cheers
- Jose L. Alvarez, 2008/04/24 05:33
When un-ziping the newest file, I'm getting an error. The file is corrupt. Really love this design :)
- Anders Eide, 2008/06/19 13:18
I'm also unable to unpack the 23/11/2007 file. I've tried 3 different programs, in both Linux and Windows - they all error out. Any chance of reposting these files?
- Frank, 2008/10/16 17:47
Found Bug, easy correction. When you select the wide layout width, the “page” stays with the 752px of the medium layout. Fix: In layout.css
>/* ---------------  main ---------------- */
>div.dokuwiki div.main {
>  overflow: auto;
>  background-color: __background__;
>  border-left: 1px solid __text_alt__;
>  border-right: 1px solid __text_alt__;
>        width: 752px;    <-----------Comment or delete this line

- José Queirós, 2009/03/15 18:46

Bug found when setting the layout width in “wide”. There is no header image for this size, and the main body of the page keeps in 752px width. Solution:
* within the div.main remove or comment line width: 752px (to 987)
* clear browser cache and re-start browser (this is also needed when changing the padding).
- Anonymous 2009/06/17 16:44
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