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DokuBook Template

Compatibile con DokuWiki

2010-10-27 "Busy Wednesday", 2010-11-07, 2011-11-10, 2011-05-25, 2012-01-25

template Descrizione: prende l'aspetto MediaWiki come punto di partenza, ma non provare a copiare il look and feel di MediaWiki

Ultimo aggiornamento il

This extension has not been updated in over 2 years. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues.

Taggato con mediawiki, sidebar


L'obiettivo di questo modello non è quello di copiare completamente il look and feel di MediaWiki. Se siete alla ricerca di uno stile MediaWiki DokuWiki template, hanno un aspetto simile al Monobook template. Esso fornisce alcune funzionalità in più non si trova in questo. Questo modello utilizza semplicemente l'aspetto MediaWiki come punto di partenza e non include / aggiungere funzionalità extra, come la discussione e così via.


  • Navigazione personalizzata dello spazio dei nomi per costruire partendo da un normale WikiPage
  • Piè di pagina personalizzato per creare spazio dei nomi (xxxxxxx) da una normale WikiPage


Alcune immagini si possono trovare here. FIXME



Vecchi Downloads

DokuWiki version download
2010-10-07 template-dokubook.tgz (:!: current stable version :!:)
2009-12-25 template-dokubook-2009-12-25.tgz
2009-02-14 template-dokubook-2009-02-08.tgz
2008-05-05 template-dokubook-2008-10-15.tgz
Github URL


  1. download the tarball/zip-file
  2. Scompattarlo in <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
  3. Effettuare il login come amministratore e cambiare il modello nel gestore di configurazione

using git:

% cd <dokuwiki>/lib/tpl/
% git clone git:// dokubook

Debian install (or probably any other distribution):

# cd /usr/share/dokuwiki/lib/tpl/
# wget
# tar -xvzf template-dokubook.tgz
# chown -Rv 33 dokubook/

For openSUSE change owner and group als follows:

# chown -Rv wwwrun dokubook/
# chgrp -Rv www dokubook/

Note: always points to the latest stable version!


È possibile modificare le seguenti impostazioni tramite il DokuWiki “Impostazioni di configurazione” Dialog.

Option Value(s)
Pagename Name of wikipages which should be treated as “navigation/footer”.
Closed Wiki If you activate this option the navigation will only show up to logged in users.
Sidebar position Determines the position of the sidebar (left/right)
Logo Instead of using a logo file in the templates images/ folder you can also configure a logo path

First Steps

Creating the Navigation

The template looks for a wiki page called navigation, or whatever you've defined in the configuration, in the current namespace to include it as the sidebar. If this file doesn't exist it looks in the upper namespace and so forth. If it can't find a proper file the sidebar will show the index instead.

Example navigation:

  * [[link1]]
  * [[link2]]
  * [[link3]]

Of course you could also use any of the many existing navigation plugins.

Like with the navigation the template also includes a wiki page called footer, or whatever you've defined in the configuration, as the footer.

The template looks for a file called logo.[jpg|jpeg|png] in <dokuwki>/lib/tpl/dokubook/images/. If this file exists it will be shown as your logo. The dimension should be at 128×128. If the file doesn't exist the DokuWiki logo will be displayed instead.

Browser Compatibility

The template was tested with the following Browsers.

If you've seen it working with other browsers feel free to add them to the list :-)!

  • Firefox (Win, Linux 2.0, Mac OS X
  • Opera (Win / Linux 8.5, 9.01, 9.24, 10.53)
  • IE (Win 6.0, 7.0)
  • AvantBrowser (Win / IE 6.0)
  • Konqueror (Linux 3.5.1)
  • Safari (Mac OS X 2.04)
  • Shiira 2.2 (MAC OS X 10.4.10)
  • Safari 3 Beta2 (MAC OS X 10.4.10)
  • Safari 3.2.1 (MAC OS X 10.5.5)
  • Camino 1.5.4 (Mac OS X 10.4.11)
  • SeaMonkey 1.1.9 (Windows Vista SP1)
  • Google Chrome (XP sp2)
  • Firefox (Ubuntu/8.04 hardy 3.0.3)

Sites using this Template


Can I hide the labels of the navigation boxes?

The IMHO cleanest solution for, instead of removing them from the tpl_fuctions.php file is hiding them via CSS, that's what CSS is good for namely modifying the appearance without the need to modify the content itself. Adding the following to your <dokuwiki>/conf/userstyle.css (if it doesn't exist, create it) should solve your issue ;-).

div.dokuwiki span.sb_label { display: none; }

Is it possible to make the sidebar/navigationbar a bit wider?

When I have multiple subfolders in there, the text is overlapping the main page.

Change dokubook_design.css

/* presume sidebar is left */
div.dokuwiki div#sidebar_left { width: 160px; }
/* change the 160px to the required width */
div.dokuwiki div#dokubook_container_left { left: 170px;}
/* change the 170px to the required width + 10 */

Is there any way for the Search function to show at the top of the sidebar rather than after the Navigation / Index area?

Edit the tpl_functions.php file located inside the template directory - search for:

// generate the searchbox

And move this line including the 4 following lines above:

// main navigation

Is there a way to change the font in your template to the default one's?

Edit <dokuwiki>/conf/userstyle.css:

body {
  font-family: <yourfont>;


Q: I use your template in combination with the translation plugin. Because I didn't define navigation files so far, the language namespaces appear in the navigation window. Now, I tried to define navigation files to prevent the display of language namespaces but I did not succeed to display such nice collapsible contents like in the default case without navigation file. — Rolf Fankhauser 2009/08/11

Checkout one of the many available index plugins. — chi 2010/01/08 10:17

Q: Could you please move the logo configuration to dokuwiki_design.css ? In the present scheme, it cannot be changed in a farm, where modifications can be done in userstyle.css . — Thadeu Penna 2010/03/15 20:21

Why shouldn't this be possible? Can you elaborate a bit? — chi 2010/03/16 10:39
The personal logo is a file placed in /lib/tpl/dokubook/images, as coded in tpl_functions.php. So, if you have a farm, it is not possible to have personal logos for each animal, as my users asked me. I did a small hack, where the file is to be put in media directory. IMHO ,the right solution would be having the logo as a configuration option rather than being hardcoded. An intermediate solution would be placing the logo file configuration into dokuwiki_design.css, that can be customized in each animal. — Thadeu Penna 2010/03/17 13:42
Hmmm, I see, could you please open a feature request at the bug tracker linked on this page? Thank you!
Hello, how do I install the wiki on the web. Some more detailed description, please. (J. Bezak)

Q: Is there a way using the keyboard for selecting “search suggestions”? For example: if you type “syntax” into the search field, a list of pagenames pops up. But you need to click on it using your mouse. It would be great, if you could use your keyboard using your cursers and hit enter. THANKS! — p-z 2010/04/20 11:19


2011-05-16: A new maintainer for this template is needed. Have a look at the following if you are interested: 1, 2.

I created a new download for the angua rc and will keep updating this template — sfsf

2011/12/23 06:38

Feature: Plugin Tabs

2012-02-03: hi, i am setting the dw2pdf, i found that there ia a way to add tab for Monobook but it can not work on Dokubook is there a way to add a tab on Monobook to export a pdf file??

I've added the following code between line 116 and 117 in main.php: manuel [dot] bitzi [at] gmail [dot] com
<li><a href="<?php echo exportlink($ID, 'pdf')?>" class="action"><img src="<?php echo DOKU_BASE?>lib/images/fileicons/pdf.png" alt="PDF Export" align="abstop" height="15" />Export PDF</a></li>
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