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InterWiki Links

The original idea of InterWiki was to have one large distributed Wiki over the whole Internet. Today its more of an easy way to link from one wiki to another by having some simple link syntax to accomplish so.

In DokuWiki this is done by prefixing Wiki pagenames with a shortcut separated by a > character.


[[wp>InterWiki]] InterWiki links to the English language Wikipedia
[[phpfn>random]] random links to a function in the PHP manual
[[google>Wiki]] Wiki links to a Google search
[[doku>interwiki]] interwiki links to the DokuWiki wiki
[[this>feed.php]] feed.php links to <dokuwiki_data> (the webserver directory DokuWiki is installed in). You can use this to construct relative URLs. This example links to the local XML feed: feed.php
Note: The .htaccess file may tell the web server to refuse to serve certain files or directories in the <dokuwiki_data>-directory.

Here's an example of how to access an arbitrary file in dokuwiki's data/media directory by clicking on an image. It's useful for videos and pdf files.


Configuring InterWiki Shortcuts

InterWiki shortcuts are defined in two files:

  • the <dokuwiki_conf>/interwiki.conf file.
    This is the default file, it contains a few predefined useful shortcuts (more can be found in It is possible to modify this file, however this could result in your changes being overwritten when upgrading DokuWiki.
  • the <dokuwiki_conf>/interwiki.local.conf file.
    This is the file to add your own interwiki links. This will prevent the links from being overwritten on an update.

The interwiki shortcut has to be in lowercase and follow the pagename rules.

The format of the interwiki config file is:

<shortcut>      <url to wiki>

The shortcut is the one you will be able to use in the link later. In the URL you can use some placeholders to be more flexible in linking. If no placeholder is given the URL-encoded wikiname will be appended to the URL. These placeholders are available:

Placeholder Replaced by
{URL} URL-encoded wikiname (the part which is appended to the URL in interwiki.local.conf)
{NAME} wikiname without any encoding
{SCHEME} scheme part if an URL was given as wikiname
{HOST} host part if an URL was given as wikiname
{PORT} port part if an URL was given as wikiname
{PATH} path part if an URL was given as wikiname
{QUERY} query part if an URL was given as wikiname

The last 5 parameters are useful when creating interwikilinks to cachesystems. Refer to the coral shortcut in the distributed interwiki.conf. Examples of these placeholders can found in the <dokuwiki_conf>/interwiki.conf file.

For example, Ubuntu's wiki uses namespaces and pagenames like this “LaptopTestingTeam/ToshibaPortegeM700” and without using {NAME} as a placeholder in your interwiki.local.conf file, you'll get a Not Found error on their wiki, because it'll interpret the forward slash as a %2F ; so what you can do is add this line to your interwiki.local.conf:


and now create your link to it like this:

[[ubuntu>LaptopTestingTeam/ToshibaPortegeM700|Ubuntu Linux on Toshiba Portege M700 Tablet]]

Configuring InterWiki Shortcut Icons

Interwiki icons should have a size of 16×16 pixels, be in PNG or GIF format, and be named after the shortcut.

  • <dokuwiki_root>/lib/images/interwiki
    The directory to place the image files in.

You should also purge cached PNG and GIF images as well as the CSS Files if you have the default image instead of the one you uploaded.

rm -rf <dokuwiki_data>/data/cache/*/*.{gif,png,css}

It may actually be enough to invalidate the CSS caching by re-saving in the config manager ('re-saving' means pressing the save button of config manager without any changes of config options).

If you want to disable all or some kind of link icons, refer to disabling link icons.

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