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-putos+====== DokuWiki Installation=====
 +**There are separate [[install:upgrade|upgrade instructions]] if you have an existing installation.**
 +Try these instructions first. If you still need help, follow one of the links below:
 +  * **Step 0:** Make sure your server meets the [[requirements]].
 +  * **Step 1:** Download the newest release from the [[|Download Page]].
 +  * **Step 2:** Read the [[security|security page]] //before// you begin installing. Take it seriously. If in doubt, ask on the [[mailinglist| mailing list]]
 +  * **Step 3:** Unpack the distribution tarball and upload/copy the files to your webspace.
 +  * **Step 4:** Open the install.php file in your browser and follow the instructions. (For additional information, see the [[installer]] page.)
 +  * **Step 5:** Enjoy your DokuWiki install and browse through the [[manual]] to discover what you can do with it.
 +[[:install:screencast|A screencast of installing DokuWiki]] shows installation to a shared web hosting provider, but it may be useful for other situations as well. If you don't have a webhoster yet, check our [[hosting|hosting partners]] for a pre-installed DokuWiki.
 +If you are looking to create multiple Wiki's, you can create a DokuWiki farm. This is similar to the idea of multi-sites. Instructions on how to do this manually are provided in the [[farms|Farm page]].
 +===== Detailed Instructions =====
 +If you encounter problems following the steps above or need some detailed information for one of the steps check out these pages:
 +  * [[install:unpacking|Extracting a .tgz archive]]
 +  * [[install:permissions|How to set up permissions]]
 +  * [[install:hosted|Installing DokuWiki on Hosted Webspace]]
 +  * [[installer|install.php instructions]]
 +  * [[install:upgrade|Upgrading from a previous Version]]
 +  * [[FAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]]
 +==== Distribution/OS Specifics ====
 +  * [[|Alpine Linux]]
 +  * [[|Arch Linux]]
 +  * [[install:CentOS]]
 +  * [[install:Debian]]
 +  * [[install:Fedora]]
 +  * [[install:FreeBSD]]
 +  * [[install:Gentoo]]
 +  * [[install:MacOSX]] or [[install:mac_alt]]
 +  * [[install:OpenBSD]]
 +  * [[install:OpenSolaris]]
 +  * [[install:openSUSE]]
 +  * [[|QNAP NAS]]
 +  * [[install:Solaris]]
 +  * [[install:Ubuntu|Ubuntu]]
 +  * [[install:Windows]]
 +==== Webserver Specifics ====
 +    * [[install:Apache]]
 +    * [[install:darklight]]
 +    * [[install:Hiawatha]]
 +    * [[install:IIS]]
 +    * [[install:Lighttpd]]
 +    * [[install:Mongoose]]
 +    * [[install:Nanoweb]]
 +    * [[install:nginx]]
 +    * [[install:OpenLiteSpeed]]
 +==== Web Host Specifics ====
 +  * [[hosting|Hosting Partners]] provide pre-installed DokuWiki setups
 +  * DokuWiki on...
 +    * [[install:Amazone EC2|Amazon EC2]]
 +    * [[|CiviHosting]]
 +    * [[install:dreamhost|Dreamhost]]
 +    * [[|]]
 +    * [[|GoDaddy]]
 +    * [[install:hosted|Hosted Webspace]]
 +    * [[install:azurewebsites|Microsoft Azure Web App Service]]
 +    * [[|]]
 +    * [[install:sourceforge|SourceForge]]
 +    * [[install:strato|Strato and 1&1]]
 +Some web hosts have DokuWiki included in their list of installable packages making the install almost automatic.
 +==== Alternative Install Methods =====
 +    * [[|Cloudron]] is a complete solution for running apps on your server and keeping them up-to-date and secure. There is a [[|DokuWiki App]] for Cloudron. They actively track DokuWiki releases ([[|source]]) and push automatic updates. [[|Demo]] (username: cloudron password: cloudron)
 +    * [[install:downloader|DokuWiki Downloader]] -- a single script that takes care of downloading and installing DokuWiki
 +    * [[|TurnKey DokuWiki Appliance]] -- a free open source virtual appliance based on Ubuntu that's easy to use and lightweight. Auto-updated daily with latest security patches. Deploys in minutes to a Virtual Machine, bare metal, or in the cloud. Part of the [[|TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library]].
 +    * [[install:dokuwiki_on_a_stick|DokuWiki on a Stick]] -- run DokuWiki directly from an USB stick
 +    * [[|DokuWiki Bitnami Stack]] -- an installer which deploys DokuWiki and all that's necessary to run it (Apache, PHP). Available for Windows, Linux, Mac x86, Mac PPC, Solaris x86 and Solaris SPARC.
 +    * [[|DokuWiki Bitnami Module]] -- an installer which deploys DokuWiki on top of LAMPStack if you are using Linux, or MAMPStack, WAMPStack or SAMPstack if you are using Mac, Windows or Solaris allowing to share database, webserver and language runtime with other applications modules.  
 +    * [[|Desktop Wiki]] -- another portable DokuWiki, but it is seemingly unmaintained (not updated since 2013)
 +    * [[devel:git#maintaining_a_stable_version_with_git|Using Git to handle the installation]]
 +    * [[|Portable DokuWiki using Uniform Server PHP MicroServer]]
 +    * [[|Synology NAS]] operating system "Disk Station Manager" provides DokuWiki package for easy installing
 +    * For local desktop wiki (on Mac) install using [[php build-in webserver]].
 +===== Pitfall on suhosin PHP extension =====
 +If your PHP installation has [[|suhosin php extension]] installed, remember to set '''' and ''suhosin.request.disallow_nul'' in ''php.ini'' to 0, otherwise the Edit page and the Plugin page won't work. (For the Edit page it loops back to the Edit page when you save the page, and for the Plugin page the plugin install/update button will not work.)
 +You can confirm your server PHP configuration by putting a file named ''test.php'' on the server with the following content:
 +''<?php phpinfo(); ?>''
 +and use the web browser to visit the page.
 +If your dokuwiki is installed on a web hosting that you cannot change server configuration, please ask your web hosting to change the required configuration.
 +===== It Works! What Now? =====
 +Here is what you may want to do when everything is up and working:
 +  * Check the [[security]] page again
 +  * Consider enabling [[rewrite|URL rewriting]]
 +  * Choose a license for your content---use config [[config:license]] or edit the ''footer.html'' inside the dokuwiki/lib/tpl/... folder if your template doesn't use ''tpl_licence()'' introduced with DokuWiki 2009-02-14.
 +  * Enter a few words how and where you use [[DokuWiki]] in the [[dokuinstall|userpage]]
 +  * Subscribe to the [[newsletter]]
 +  * Read:
 +    * [[faq|Frequently Asked Questions]]
 +    * [[tips:maintenance|day-to-day maintenance needed for DokuWiki]]
 +    * [[tips|tips and tricks]], especially [[tips:tailorwikirules|best-practices]] to follow after installing
 +If you've encountered problems installing DokuWiki, and you've carefully checked each of the steps above:
 +  * [[|Download the source package]] again to ensure you do not have a corrupt download
 +  * Upload your files again---FTP corruption is a common cause for problems. Uploading a zip file and extracting on the server may be more reliable than uploading files individually
 +  * Double and triple check [[install:permissions|file and folder permissions]] -- this is a **very** common cause of problems
 +  * Be sure to [[|search the forum]] before posting your questions to the [[|installation forum]].
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