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This is an old revision of the document!

:!: this page is a first draft, I didn't finished the upgrade myself


I needed to upgrade my doku installation from dokuwiki-2006-11-06.tgz to dokuwiki-rc2007-05-24.tgz. But I needed to not upgrade from the new code, I needed to keep my directory structure and copy the new files on it.

This happened to me because I keep track of my site with subversion, and I needed to manage the upgrade keeping all my .svn directories.

What we have to do:

  • track the obsolete files
  • don't override our local changes

easy part

copy everything except

  • bin
  • conf
  • data
  • install.php


check obsolete files (every file that is in the webroot that is not in the install) except

  • of course bin, conf and data
  • .svn directories
  • your templates
  • your plugins
  • other personal files

and compare to the new ones, which appear as ? after running

svn st


  • lib/plugins/plugin/inc/tarlib.class.php
  • lib/plugins/plugin/inc/zip.lib.php

they are now under inc as TarLib.class.php and ZipLib.class.php so run

svn rm lib/plugins/plugin/inc/tarlib.class.php lib/plugins/plugin/inc/zip.lib.php lib/plugins/plugin/inc
svn add inc/TarLib.class.php inc/ZipLib.class.php


lib/images/interwiki/bug.gif is now lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif

mv lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif.copy
svn mv lib/images/interwiki/bug.gif lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif
mv lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif.copy lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif


  • inc/parser/wiki.php
  • lib/plugins/base.php
  • lib/scripts/domLib.js
  • lib/scripts/domTT.js

lib/plugins/base.php NEEDS to be removed, inc/plugin.php seems to do its job

I have to investigate for the others, that are to be removed too anyway…

svn st

these are the new files of this upgrade


?      install.php
?      inc/TarLib.class.php
?      inc/ZipLib.class.php
?      lib/images/interwiki/dokubug.gif

lang files

?      lib/plugins/acl/lang/bg
?      lib/plugins/acl/lang/sv
?      lib/plugins/acl/lang/ko
?      lib/plugins/config/lang/bg
?      lib/plugins/config/lang/sv
?      lib/plugins/config/lang/ko
?      lib/plugins/config/lang/nl
?      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/bg
?      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/sv
?      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/ko
?      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/bg
?      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/sv
?      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/ko

really new files

?      lib/exe/xmlrpc.php
?      lib/exe/opensearch.php
?      lib/plugins/importoldindex
?      lib/plugins/revert
?      lib/plugins/config/rtl.css
?      lib/images/fileicons/rar.png
?      lib/scripts/helpers.js
?      inc/plugin.phpran.php
?      inc/.htaccessc.php
?      inc/IXR_Library.php
?      inc/lang/fr/uploadmail.txt
?      inc/geshi/xpp.php
?      inc/geshi/z80.php
?      inc/geshi/plsql.php
?      inc/geshi/cpp-qt.php
?      inc/geshi/rails.php

modified files

M      lib/tpl/default/design.css
M      lib/tpl/default/footer.html
M      lib/tpl/default/print.css
M      lib/tpl/default/rtl.css
M      lib/exe/js.php
M      lib/exe/spellcheck.php
M      lib/exe/indexer.php
M      lib/exe/ajax.php
M      lib/exe/css.php
M      lib/plugins/acl/lang/pl/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/importoldchangelog/action.php
M      lib/plugins/action.php
M      lib/plugins/config/settings/config.class.php
M      lib/plugins/config/settings/config.metadata.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/da/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/de/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/he/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/en/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/fr/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/fr/intro.txt
M      lib/plugins/config/lang/pl/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/config/admin.php
M      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/en/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/fr/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/usermanager/lang/pl/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/usermanager/admin.php
M      lib/plugins/info/syntax.php
M      lib/plugins/syntax.php
M      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/fr/admin_plugin.txt
M      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/fr/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/plugin/lang/pl/lang.php
M      lib/plugins/plugin/style.css
M      lib/plugins/plugin/admin.php
M      lib/plugins/admin.php
M      lib/styles/style.css
M      lib/styles/feed.css
M      lib/scripts/events.js
M      lib/scripts/script.js
M      lib/scripts/edit.jsp
M      lib/scripts/cookie.js
M      lib/scripts/media.js
M      inc/pageutils.phprief.php
M      inc/auth.phpby.php
M      inc/html.phpthon.php
M      inc/events.phpphp
M      inc/search.phpbasic.php
M      inc/auth/mysql.class.php
M      inc/auth/pgsql.class.phpp
M      inc/auth/ldap.class.php
M      inc/cliopts.php.php
M      inc/pluginutils.phpp
M      inc/DifferenceEngine.php
M      inc/aspell.php.php
M      inc/FeedParser.phphp
M      inc/mail.phptex.php
M      inc/utf8.phpl.php
M      inc/SimplePie.phpphp
M      inc/changelog.php
M      inc/common.php.php
M      inc/lang/fr/revisions.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/wordblock.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/lang.php
M      inc/lang/fr/showrev.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/conflict.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/editrev.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/login.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/preview.txt
M      inc/lang/fr/edit.txtpt.php
M      inc/indexer.phpphp
M      inc/geshi.phpeme.php
M      inc/actions.phphp
M      inc/toolbar.phprief.php
M      inc/init.phpasm.php
M      inc/parser/xhtmlsummary.php
M      inc/parser/parser.php.php
M      inc/parser/xhtml.php.php
M      inc/parser/handler.php
M      inc/parser/metadata.php
M      inc/parser/renderer.php
M      inc/fulltext.phpphp
M      inc/geshi/qbasic.php
M      inc/geshi/oobas.php
M      inc/geshi/inno.php
M      inc/geshi/javascript.php
M      inc/geshi/java5.php
M      inc/geshi/lisp.php
M      inc/geshi/robots.php
M      inc/geshi/nsis.php
M      inc/geshi/reg.php
M      inc/geshi/cadlisp.php
M      inc/geshi/smarty.php
M      inc/geshi/asm.php
M      inc/geshi/csharp.php
M      inc/geshi/lua.php
M      inc/geshi/java.php
M      inc/geshi/c.php
M      inc/geshi/div.php
M      inc/geshi/asp.php
M      inc/geshi/d.php
M      inc/geshi/ada.php
M      inc/geshi/css.php
M      inc/geshi/eiffel.php
M      inc/geshi/oracle8.php
M      inc/geshi/vhdl.php
M      inc/geshi/xml.php
M      inc/geshi/visualfoxpro.php
M      inc/geshi/c_mac.php
M      inc/geshi/pascal.php
M      inc/geshi/thinbasic.php
M      inc/geshi/bnf.php
M      inc/geshi/delphi.php
M      inc/geshi/mysql.php
M      inc/geshi/io.php
M      inc/geshi/idl.php
M      inc/geshi/fortran.php
M      inc/geshi/objc.php
M      inc/geshi/bash.php
M      inc/geshi/vbnet.php
M      inc/geshi/ocaml-brief.php
M      inc/geshi/ruby.php
M      inc/geshi/python.php
M      inc/geshi/cpp.php
M      inc/geshi/freebasic.php
M      inc/geshi/text.php
M      inc/geshi/applescript.php
M      inc/geshi/mirc.php
M      inc/geshi/ocaml.php
M      inc/geshi/autoit.php
M      inc/geshi/vb.php
M      inc/geshi/diff.php
M      inc/geshi/caddcl.php
M      inc/geshi/latex.php
M      inc/geshi/gml.php
M      inc/geshi/apache.php
M      inc/geshi/tcl.php
M      inc/geshi/tsql.php
M      inc/geshi/sdlbasic.php
M      inc/geshi/smalltalk.php
M      inc/geshi/dos.php
M      inc/geshi/groovy.php
M      inc/geshi/sas.php
M      inc/geshi/sql.php
M      inc/geshi/winbatch.php
M      inc/geshi/matlab.php
M      inc/geshi/perl.php
M      inc/geshi/actionscript.php
M      inc/geshi/cfdg.php
M      inc/geshi/scheme.php
M      inc/geshi/cfm.php
M      inc/geshi/php-brief.php
M      inc/geshi/mpasm.php
M      inc/geshi/ini.php
M      inc/geshi/html4strict.php
M      inc/geshi/blitzbasic.php
M      inc/geshi/php.php
M      inc/template.php
M      inc/infoutils.php
M      inc/parserutils.php
M      inc/media.php
M      feed.php
M      .htaccess


new folder: index

chmod -R 770 data/index/

that's all


Thanks to the local.php trick, your vital settings are safe if you copy the entire folder.

however, be careful of your local changes to

  • dokuwiki.php
  • entities.conf
  • interwiki.conf
  • mime.conf
  • wordblock.conf

ok, I didn't know about the whatever.local.conf 8-o, so I created mine now :-D

this prevent your local conf to be overwritten during upgrade

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