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Extracting the DokuWiki tgz

DokuWiki is distributed in a gzip'ed tar archive, often called tgz or tarball. This is a very common UNIX archiving format similar to the popular ZIP format many Microsoft Windows user probably know. Here is how to extract such a file in different Operating Systems.

Unix / GNU/Linux Users

Probably all of you can use the following:

tar -xzvf dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz

This will extract the tarball into a subdirectory named dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.

Alternatively, you can extract the tarball into the current directory overwriting existing files:

tar -xzvf dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz --strip-components=1

Less common *nix setups

On some non-GNU systems you might find the GNU tar program under the name gtar, therefore use:

gtar -xzvf dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz

If this does not work for you because you are on some privative Unix system the following should work but you probably know that better anyway ;-)

cat dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz |gzip -d | tar -xf -

Microsoft Windows Users

Microsoft Windows users may need to rename the file from dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tgz to dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tar.gz to make their archive tool recognise the file format correctly (See 209).

To extract the tarball you need an extraction tool. There are hundreds of different programs available and there is a good chance that you already have one. If not, here is a short selection:

After renaming as indicated above, use the extraction tool (i.e 7-zip) to extract the file. This will create the file dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD.tar which will be noticeably larger that the original. Again, use the extraction tool (i.e 7-zip) to extract this larger file. This will create a folder dokuwiki-YYYY-MM-DD with files and subfolders similar to what is already being used in your current version.

Mac Users

Usually double-clicking on the .tgz file will extract it. Since Mac OS X has a unixoid system under the hood, the description for Linux/Unix above works in the StuffIt Expander version 8.02 and higher handles .tgz correctly. Earlier versions of StuffIt Expander may as well.

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