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DokuWiki on SourceForge?

After uploading all the files onto the server, simply add recursively the write access for the group, to conf/, data/ and lib/plugins/ directories and their content (chmod -R g+w conf data lib/plugins).

Then, go to URL to finish the installation, as explained at install.

For more informations about the permissions on Sourceforge, read Project Web Filesystem Permissions.

Once installed, you will have others problems due to the specific Sourceforge server configuration and your Website could be very very slow (with a lot of 503 errors). I recommand you to choose another standard Web server instead of the Sourceforge server to install a PHP application :

* You will not be able to subscribe to DokuWiki :

Impossible to subscribe as new user in a DokuWiki installed on Sourceforge, I've got this error message : Looks like there was an error on sending the password mail. Please contact the admin!

Bug report on SourceForge (not fixed)

* You will not be able to update Dokuwiki, nor add/update/remove automatically a plugin (but you can install a plugin manually), you will have these errors :

Could not determine the newest version of DokuWiki. Could not connect to No route to host (113)

The plugin repository could not be contacted. Make sure your server is allowed to contact and check your proxy settings.

Bug report on SourceForge (not fixed)

Added by David VANTYGHEM, 2014-11-15.

Old documentation (obsolete)

It's easy to install on SourceForge.

Johannes Schaback and others managed to install DokuWiki on SF. Basically, one moves all folders that require write access to /home/persistent/y/yo/yourProjectName which will be mounted with write access by the webserver 1). A more detailed description what you got to do follows. It is assumed that your project is called FengGUI (UNIX name fenggui). You need to replace FengGUI2) with your own project name.

  1. log on to SF via SSH
  2. change to the htdocs directory in your project directory
    $>cd /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs
  3. download the latest DokuWiki
  4. extract the DokuWiki tar in /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs
    $>tar -xzvf dokuwiki-2010-11-07a.tgz
  5. rename the directory dokuwiki-2010-11-07a to dokuwiki
    $>mv dokuwiki-2010-11-07a dokuwiki
  6. move the directory /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs/dokuwiki/data to /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/
    $>mv /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs/dokuwiki/data /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/
  7. move the directory /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs/dokuwiki/conf to /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/
    $>mv /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs/dokuwiki/conf /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/
  8. create symbolic links to the two moved folders such that DokuWiki can access the folders without noticing that they are located in a completely different branch in the file system. Change back to the dokuwiki directory
    $>cd /home/groups/f/fe/fenggui/htdocs/dokuwiki

    . Then create symbolic links to the data and the conf directory

    ln -s /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/conf''


    ln -s /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/data
  9. make the moved stuff world-writable
    $>chmod -R 777 /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/conf


    $>chmod -R 777 /home/persistent/f/fe/fenggui/data

This should do the trick. You may want to execute install.php that comes with the nice feature to check the permissions of all necessary folders. Don't forget to backup the data and conf directory constantly.

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it seems the pluginmanager will fail because it can't connect to the internet
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