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-====== The indexer process ====== +see [[taskrunner]]
- +
-DokuWiki uses a background process triggered by a webbug to execute administrative tasks like building the [[search]] index, creating a [[sitemap]] or updating [[metadata]]. +
- +
-The indexer is located in ''lib/exe/indexer.php'' and is included as hidden image by the ''tpl_indexerWebBug()'' function. +
- +
-For more info about the technique used see [[|Web bugs for job scheduling]] +
- +
- +
- +
-===== Debugging ===== +
- +
-If you have problems with the indexer or the services it should provide, you can get some debugging output, by enabling the [[config:allowdebug]] option, calling it directly and appending the parameter ''debug=1''+
- +
-Example: ''%%'' +
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