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Include Hooks

Include Hooks – a simple way to add static content to the installation of DokuWiki without writing your own template. You can use them to add to each page of a standard header or logo or a copyright at the bottom of the page.

The default template DokuWiki searches for files with certain names in the directory lib/tpl/default/ and includes them in the right place on the page. You can include any HTML code within the following list of files.

Available Hooks

The files can be located in the template directory e.g. lib/tpl/dokuwiki/ or in the main configuration directory conf/.

File Name Position of included HTML
meta.html Inside the HTML <head>, use this to add additional styles or metaheaders
topheader.html At the very top of the page right after the <body> tag
header.html Above the upper blue bar, below the pagename and wiki title
sidebarheader.html At the top of the sidebar
sidebarfooter.html At the bottom of the sidebar
pageheader.html Below the breadcrumbs, above the actual content
pagefooter.html Above the lower blue bar, below the last changed Date
footer.html At the very end of the page just before the </body> tag

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