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History of DokuWiki

… and its ties to OpenSource

There is a need

  • 2004: Andreas Gohr gets task to install wiki for company intranet documentation
  • none of researched wikis fulfill all requirements
  • he built the core during one weekend

Others have itches to scratch

  • open-sourced nearly right from the beginning
  • others see need to improve and collaborate
  • revision control essential

What helped collaboration

  • 2005: syntax plugins easy to make
  • 2005: templates change look and feel
  • 2005+: more types of plugins
  • 2010: code moved to GitHub (“social coding”)
  • 2012: jQuery added

What helped success

  • general multilingual support
  • OpenSource is efficient (if successful)
    • many improve one product
    • can be adjusted to specific needs any time
    • easier to find support
  • costs for open and closed software often not that different (main cost: support)
  • freedom to code what and when you want is very motivating and often produces better quality
  • includes freedom to say No, but easier to pay someone
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