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-====== Features ======+====== DokuWiki Features ====== 
 +[[DokuWiki]] has many features but all of them are easy to use. And many more can be added through the free [[plugin]] downloads. The list below should give you a first overview of what is available in [[DokuWiki]].  
 +Feel free to test DokuWiki on the [[playground:playground]]. If you miss a feature not available, just put a [[bounties|bounty]] out on it.  
 +A big [[|list of features]] is also available in the [[|WikiMatrix]] where you can [[|compare]] DokuWiki's features with those of other engines and systems. 
 ===== Basic Features ===== ===== Basic Features =====
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   * [[caching|Pagecaching]] for quicker rendering   * [[caching|Pagecaching]] for quicker rendering
   * Ajax-enhanced Interface    * Ajax-enhanced Interface 
 ===== Extensible ===== ===== Extensible =====
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