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Discussion about Farms

Here you can discuss anything about farms.

Farm or not farm, that is the question

:?: I have to design a website for 5 associations on the same domain name but I cannot realize what is the best solution. Someone could tell the advanges/disadvantages between a farm and a classic dokuwiki?

Create farms using a WAMP that runs locally

:?: Someone could make an example on how using a WAMP setup, that runs locally? Actually, i use Server2Go 1.8.1 that runs in d:\server2go, and:

  • d:\server2go\htdocs\dokuwiki where is the farmer, in the browser
  • d:\server2go\htdocs\farm where the farm is
  • d:\server2go\htdocs\farm\animal1 where the first animal is
  • some values of httpd.conf:
    ServerRoot "D:\server2go\server\Apache"
    DocumentRoot "D:\server2go\htdocs"

In what way must i change d:\server2go\htdocs\dokuwiki\inc\preload.php and D:\server2go\server\Apache\conf\httpd.conf? ribez

I made a screencast of How to create a DokuWiki Farm with Virtual Hosts on a WAMP setup. Although it seems you are using the other setup (.htaccess based), many of the instructions are the same. E.g. what goes into preload.php is the same. I hope that makes some things clearer. — Anika Henke 2012/11/06 17:22
thank you, Anika :-) . I've seen your screencast, i've found some errors that i've made (for example in preload.php i was using relative path instead of absolute), but it still doesn't work for me m(
I'm thinking to drop Server2Go in favour of UniformServer: i have seen that also have a multi server feature, that it could be useful when i need to use my personal dokuwiki installation and a separate joomla installation. Also Server2Go seems to have stopped development and i've found that in \Apache\conf\httpd.conf this voice remains commented
# Virtual hosts
#Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

even if i decomment it, save the file and then restart the server – ribez 2012/11/30

OK! Using UniformServer everything goes fine!!! :-D
I've just copied my dokuwiki and farm folders from Server2Go to UniformServer (adapting the path in preload.php) and made the VirtualHost configuration. So the problem was that for some strange reason Server2Go doesn't allow to decomment the line
# Virtual hosts
#Include conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf

in \Apache\conf\httpd.conf. I think you should add the screencast link in a section of the DokuWiki Farms page, because it's very clear and well made. Thank you again – ribez 2012/11/30

Different configurations of a template for each animal

:?: I want to make local modifications for e.g. the dokuwiki template. Therefore I need to add a style.local.ini file into the lib/tpl/dokuwiki directory. Is this something I can also modify for an animal? Looking into farm.php I do not see any preparation for this. – winfree 2013/03/04 > Sorry, this is not possible at the moment. But it is planned for the next but one release. — Anika Henke 2013/03/09 17:38

I created copies of the template for each of my animals, then modified them as needed. So in my farmer/lib/tpl directory I have copied dokuwiki to dokuwiki_cow, dokuwiki_sheep etc. Adam O'Brien 2013/04/24 12:27
Since 2013-12-08 Binky Release a local style.ini is possible. Put it in conf/tpl/<tpl>/style.ini.

Unified Search for all wikis

:?: I is possible to have a shared search that indexes all sites?

06/18/2013 /JMK

I have a dokuwiki site and several animals “under” it. I used the search box of one of the animals, and it gave results from the main site only. So the answer to your question appears to be yes (in 2022), but in a weird way. (I don't think it should matter: the animal uses the bs4simple template, the main wiki uses the default template.)

2022-05-09 /SZP

Getting it working with SSL/VirtualHost

As is documented on apache Docs, only one virtual host with SSL can be established (and hence, for doing SSL with subdomains, one needs a wildcard type certificate). I think that I found a way to get it working with subdomains for each animal. The VirtualHost settings as outlined in the main article are necessary in order to get it pointed to the dokuwiki main directory. In it .htaccess (template: .htaccess.dist) Rewrite stuff must be activated. This ensures automatic https-operation. However, this does not work when the starting point was https. This is how to get it:

One needs to activate vhost_alias:

a2enmod vhost_alias

Then add the following to default-ssl:

ServerName yourserver.tld
ServerAlias *.yourserver.tld
#DocumentRoot /var/www
VirtualDocumentRoot /var/www/%-2/%-3

This would map to /var/www/yourserver/<%-3>. -3 means the third last word in the Server name, i.e. where the wildcard is. So, any prefixing www don't care. You may omit the %-2 if you don't want the server name also in a directory. just on the var/www/%-2/-level, create a link with the subdomain name (%-3):

ln -s ../dokuwiki <subdomain>

If your URL for an animal wiki is specified as https://test.yourserver.tld, then replace <subdomain> by test.

More about the substitution of the dot separated URL components:

I think it is possibile to use SNI for SSL-based VirtualHost
The second link seems to say you need a wildcard certificate, but as every <VirtualHost> block has its own SSLCertificateFile, they should be independent.

Mixing VirtualHost and .htaccess setup

Do you know if we can mix both VirtualHost and .htaccess setup in the farm? I have already 3 DokuWiki instances on virtual hosts and I tried to add a fourth using the .htaccess setup and same servername as the farmer. I can't make it work; Apache is always returning 404 Not found. – Ronan Viel 2015/08/26

Are plugins shielded from each other?

:?: I want to test a tricky plugin using my “test”-animal and deactivated it for the other animals. If this plugin conflicts with another plugins or if it is in a beta stage, can it still cause damage in the other animals where it is deactivated? Nikolaus 2021/03/11

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