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Error writing files and directories

:?: While using DokuWiki, I'm often getting errors reading: “Writing xyz failed”. How come?

:!: If you made sure your permissions are correct, you're most probably with a webhost which has enabled PHP's Safe Mode. Unfortunately, this keeps DokuWiki from writing to directories using the web interface, because all actions are triggered with the user ID of the wwwuser, but only the FTP user is allowed to write to the directories on your webspace.

There are two solutions to this problem:

  1. Get your hoster to disable the the safemode option or find another provider.
  2. Try using DokuWiki's built-in workaround known as the safemode hack.

Another issue arises when your webserver is protected by SELinux (in /etc/selinux/config, there is SELINUX=Enforcing), in this case, take a look at : Gallery2 on a SELinux Server to solve the problem.

This error also may be associated with your system constraint on the length of the filename (path + name). For example in the ext3 file system, this limitation 254 bytes.

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