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-bitch+====== Uploaded Content Mismatch ====== 
 +:?: When I try to upload an image, I get a "The uploaded content did not match the file extension" error. How to fix this. 
 +:!: DokuWiki checks if uploaded files contain malicious content. To do this it needs access to uploaded file in the temporary upload directory. If your server uses PHP's open_basedir setting, you need to make sure your temporary upload directory is inside this basedir. 
 +You can set the option to your DokuWiki temp dir. Either in your php.ini: 
 +<code php> 
 +upload_tmp_dir = /path/to/dokuwiki/data/tmp 
 +Or in your .htaccess file: 
 +<code apache> 
 +php_value upload_tmp_dir /path/to/dokuwiki/data/tmp 
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