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No editing toolbar

:?: Somehow the editing toolbar vanished and isn't visible anymore. What should I do?

:!: The editing toolbar is built through JavaScript. This means if there is an error in the JavaScript somewhere the script will be aborted and the toolbar won't be visible. To troubleshoot this follow the following steps:

Problem with the browser

  1. Obviously make sure you have JavaScript enabled and are using a recent Browser
  2. Try to force a reload
    • Sometimes the Browser has a broken script in its own cache
    • Use Shift-F5, Ctrl-F5, Ctrl-Shift-R or what ever your browser needs to force a reload
    • Do this in the edit mode (ignoring the warning about repetitive POST data sending)
  3. Restart the computer
  4. Try different Browsers
  5. Try disabling Browser-Addons that might interfere with JavaScript

Problem with DokuWiki

  1. Also make sure to run a recent DokuWiki version1)
  2. Please be sure that the JS is loaded (through a call to the tpl_metaheaders() function within your template).
    • Look at the source of your page and find the js.php line
    • Load the js.php file (e.g. in a new window to see if everything appears.
  3. If you upgraded from an earlier version of DokuWiki make sure to have an up-to-date conf/dokuwiki.php file
    • always put your changes in the local.php file
    • Undefined config values are known to break the JavaScript, so this is important! (i.e.: make sure $conf['usedraft'] is defined)
    • Make sure the file /lib/exe/jquery.php has the proper permissions to be read by your webserver (try to access it from the web)
  4. Try disabling any installed third party plugins, their JavaScript might be broken (i.e.: remove the old jquery plugin)
    • After disabling do the force reload thing again
  5. Try remove your conf/userscript.js if you have any
    • After disabling do the force reload thing again
  6. If the gzip_output option is enabled, try disabling it
  7. Disable the JavaScript/CSS compacting option
    • Do the force reload thing again of course ;-)
    • If this helps, most probably one of your Plugins provides broken JavaScript, go one step back again to find the bad one
  8. If you still have problems, check the JavaScript Error console of Firefox and report errors in the bug tracker
    • Make sure you have disabled the compacting option before

If you encounter problems caused by a 3rd party plugin please contact its author and ask him/her to fix it.

older DokuWiki releases will not work with Google Chrome
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