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-===== Quoting =====+====== Quoting ​======
-For **marking text as a quotation** (citation) go to[[..syntax#​quoting|Formatting SyntaxQuoting]]. +:?How to quote characters ​or paragraphs?
- +
-For **quoting ​characters** in the meaning of //​[[http://​​wiki/​Escape_character |escaping characters]]//​ also go to the "​Formatting syntax"​ page, but look under "​Non-parsed Blocks"​. For a clearer picture see "​%%<​code>​this</​code>​%%"​ in the source of this page and compare it with <​code>​this</​code>​. The latter is an instruction to display formatted code, the first //quotes// that instruction.+
 +:!: For marking text as a quotation (citation) refer to: [[wiki:​syntax#​quoting|Formatting Syntax: Quoting]] or [[plugintag>​quotes|Quoting Plugins]].
 +:!: For quoting characters in the meaning of //​[[wp>​Escape_character|escaping characters]]//​ refer to [[wiki:​syntax#​No Formatting]]. You most probably want to use the ''<​nowiki>​%%character(s)%%</​nowiki>''​ or ''<​nowiki><​code>​character(s)</​code></​nowiki>''​ syntax.
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