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Notifications and Subscriptions

:?: How to get a daily notification email of what has changed in the Wiki? How can I get info when a certain page changed?

:!: DokuWiki provides several means of notifying users about page changes:

  • There is a global notification option to send an email about each and every change to a predefined email address. To make those notifications available to a bigger group of people you could set the option an address of a mailing list.
  • When the subscriptions option is enabled, user may subscribe to individual page changes through a button on each page. All subscribed user will receive an email whenever the page was edited.
  • The recommended way of following the changes in the wiki is by subscribing to its XML feed in a feed reader. Users who prefer to get changes by email might want to use an external service like FeedMailer which will also allow to receive aggregated daily emails.
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