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When will the next version be released?

:?: It would be great to publish some kind of release roadmap.

:!: For a while, we tried to adhere to a six month release schedule issuing new releases in Spring and Autumn. Unfortunately, we're lacking the manpower to keep this strict schedule.

Instead, we decided to do releases whenever we feel like there's something worth releasing. If you think it would be time for a release, you're welcome to ask for it on the mailing list. In that case, please be prepared to help us with the process by preparing an appropriate changelog.

If you are eager to try a newer version before it is released, fetch it from the Git repository or download one of the daily snapshots.

Oftentimes when a release is near, a milestone is created with issues that are in need of some love for the coming release. You are welcome to help complete or test them!

Check for new releases on GitHub (RSS feed available).

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