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Keeping newlines as is?

:?: Can I display the newline without using the magical '\\'? I find that when DokuWiki parses my document it eats up all my newlines, but I want the newlines displayed just as what I input.

:!: If you want a new paragraph just add a blank line. Preformatted text is possible with <file> and <code> tags. A mode which preserves newlines but applies other formatting is not available currently without the use of plugins. As a side effect this encourages the users to create more structured texts, creating paragraphs for logical blocks.

:!: The xbr plugin allows you to use simple line breaks to add normal line breaks.

:!: The poem plugin adds a <poem> tag which is similar to <file> in that newlines are preserved. However, with <poem>, other formatting (bold, underline, etc.) works normally.

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