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Why does the HTML option not work?

:?: I have changed the htmlok config setting to allow HTML code but it doesn't work. My ../conf/local.php file looks like:

$conf['htmlok'] = 1;

Release 2023-04-04 “Jack Jackrum” and after

:!: This feature is completely removed for security reasons. If you need this feature you need to install the htmlok Plugin (or similar).

Before 2023-04-04 “Jack Jackrum”

You can embed raw HTML code into your documents by using the HTML tags. See also the 'Embedding HTML and PHP' section of the wiki:syntax page of your wiki.

So to embed HTML you need to enclose the HTML with: <html></html> (for inline HTML) or <HTML></HTML> (for block HTML).

A little example:

<html><strong>This is my bold text</strong></html>

Is HTML really needed?

Before activating htmlok or similar plugins you should ask yourself what goal you want to achieve.

Simply enabling PHP or HTML in wiki pages causes security problems. However, many tasks that are supposedly only solvable with HTML can be solved risk-free with the help of other plugins.

Here are some alternatives listed by function:



Image Maps

Meta data

Other ways

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